The Pound in Your Pocket

Should our currency reflect our Dear Leader`s mission?

  • I want Betty on the front, and lions and stuff on the back.

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  • I want Nelson Mandela on the front and some fudgepacker on the back.

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  • I do not care. And what is the point of this thread?

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Now I'm a bit (lot) of a Traditionalist, me. I've also just picked up this morning's Times - and promptly had an embolism. It would appear the the Royal Mint are to dispense with the services of Britannia on our fifty pence pieces. 'Wha..?' thinks I. What on Earth for? Britannia has featured on British coinage for aeons - and therein lies the problem. It seems that even the Royal Mint has been infiltrated by the Bliar mafia, and their agenda to strip away everything British.

The mint are having a competition so people can submit their own ideas on what our coinage should be like - no doubt with a heavy emphasis on just what a diverse, multi-cultural lot we are. I don't hold out much hope after reading some of the suggestions - noteably, Antony Gormley. Sculptor (and ladybits):"I would design an organically shaped coin - certainly not round and preferably not symmetrical - so that it represents the complexities of modern Britain." [And no doubt fruit machines]

This ladybits then recommends Tracy Emin! So it's a pair of minging kecks in my pocket then? Well... it wouldn't be the first time I suppose. That mustachioed ladybits (Lord) Robert Winston (fertility expert) blabs on about the monarch's effigy being removed. In that case ladybits, we'll have our peerage back off you. I do despair.

There is some sense espoused, but one instinctively knows that these level-headed types are outnumbered by the bien pensant of the Lesbian Republic of Islington. So... it's a poll meine volk. What do the good people of ARRSE think?
I blame the Tories. If they weren't such a pointless bunch of clueless halfwits then people might not have voted this shower in.

If that clown does invent a non round asymetrical coin, put it in your pocket, fall over, jab it in your thigh, and then sue the arrse of him.

I don't think you can have a coin with out a picture of HM (Gawd bless her) it's not a coin otherwise.

What we want is HM on the front, and traditional british things on the back, nowt wrong with the port cullis, Britiania and the symbols of various nations within the union.

If they want to stick something trendy on the back, not the front, of a coin they can use the £2. No one cares about that one anyway. Or if it is something traditional like 60 years from VJ day, then stick it on the back of the 50p. Britiania doesn't mind that.

Bloody idiots the lot of them. Just leave things alone.
You beat me to it, only I was going to use this as the start of a new campagin to give all the older arser's a heart attack by getting them worked up. Now I've got to go find a new story.

On topic:
Don't see why we need to change. but this govenment ( I use the term in it's losest possible sense), seem to be like some kind of facist dictatorship. On one hand slapping lots of laws on us, on the other trying to gloss over them and distract the public with shite like this to show how loveing, careing and cuddely they are.
I like our dosh just as it is, thanks. All these bien-pensant tw@s that are advocating changes involving doing away with our traditional images are in desparate need of a good shoeing.
Time for Bernie to re-open the pit!

IT ain't broke(sorry for the pun)

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