The post Office - A rant.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuggerAll, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I bought a present on eBay on the 21st March. It was posted 'airmail' in as a small packet in the US on the 23rd. I've been tracking it via the USPS track and trace. It was delivered to a flight in New Jersey at 7:57 on the 23rd.

    It then disappeared until it 'arrived' in the UK at 8:18 on 30th March and into customs at 8:43.

    It still hasn't arrived at me.

    WTF do these clowns do with post for 10 days? If I put a letter in the post pox at 8:43 it will usually be with the addressee the next day so why do they feel they don't have to bother with international mail?

    I used to think that the PO should not be nationalised. Now I'm not so sure....
  2. I'd be careful about what you say about the Royal Mail - they might know where you live - although you don't seem to have had any evidence of it so far......
  3. I think the bolded part might be the reason.

    There are any number of things that aren't allowed to be sent from outside the EU - yours might be one that the customs guys want to check.

    Over here they send you a note asking you to turn up a the local "zoll" to open the package in front of them.
  4. Agreed. I've had things disappear off the radar for days while customs give the item(s) a thorough going over.

    And German customs are bastards. They charged me when I shouldn't have had to pay. A neighbour paid it so that took me months to get it back. They've also managed to break things while they've 'carefully examined' them. Never mind, just wrap it up and send it on. Cnuts!
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The HM Customs smashed a container full of rosewood furniture which I (or more accurately my employer) exported from China. They did about £70,000 worth of damage which they completely denied. I was present when it was packed, my boss was present when it was opened - only customs had been in it.

    The next container we had my boss went to the docks and took photos of them throwing stuff out. He had a right old ding dong with them. They threatened to arrest him - he threatened to get a court order - not an idle threat he had 2 brothers who were high powered lawyers - they consulted their boss who consulted their lawyers and big back down.

    A year latter they smashed a wooden briefcase - there was a note saying that they had been unable to open it. We got compensation for that when we demonstrated that there was no way of locking it.

    Story from Cyprus: HM Customs Officer on loan to SBA Customs was invited to a private party in the ESBA. He found that they was some Effes being drunk ('smuggled' from the North). He got on his mobile called his colleagues to raid the party and confiscate the contraband. Fair enough he was doing his job. He then returned to the party and was surprised when he was asked to leave.
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    SITREP - It left customs at 7:52 this morning. I suppose I might get it on Saturday. Wait out.
  7. Just a small point of order - The Post Office is the counters Dept and is a separate company to Royal Mail!!! Don't confuse the two it can get very embarrassing.
    Packets and parcels coming from abroad are subject to customs checks! This is done by HMRC and to their time scale, Royal mail has no control over that aspect.
    Royal Mail only promise to deliver 1st class letters within 24 hours! Packets and parcels take longer to process and there fore longer to arrive at the destination.
    Please also bare in mind that an Item of mail isn't classed as lost until after a month.
    Hope this info helps :)
  8. Probably not true. 'Spinning the writ' would had to have been authorised at a higher level than the officer at the party. Unless the goods were being offered for sale, it's unlikely this would have happened. I don't know what the rules are at SBA, but beer was treated as 'other goods' and the travellers allowances are quite hefty. However there are plenty of crassly stupid jobsworths who would abuse their powers. They often end up in places like SBA, but they don't deserve it, nor all the perks they get for being there.

    If you know his name PM me. I know two officers who were sent home from SBA under a cloud. Rumours abound of a similar nature.
  9. My bold: 7 days to cross the Atlantic, what was it flying by, carrier pigeon? 8O

    Editted as I remembered... could have been BA :x
  10. I have never understood the term 'going postal' until I first queued at the Post Office in the centre of Oxford. It is like observing the world in slow motion with counter staff who do not speak English and were apparently absent for most of the training, and where even the new electronic 'postal' machines that can calculate weight and issue appropriate stamps don't work properly. It also features the alcohol soaked destitute who are the only solace in a sea of fellow angry queuers, but I think they've just worked out that it's the only warm dry place in the city where you can legitimately house yourself for several hours on the pretence of sending a postcard. By the time one gets to the counter, not always before nightfall, the urge to hurt *everyone* in the room is almost overwhelming. I would rather leopard crawl over hawthorns from London to Manchester to deliver a package than ever enter that Post Office again.
  11. The missus recently got some, ahem, clothing from the states and we had the same problem with customs even though it was through a private delivery company customs wanted £30 in order to release the parcel after opening it, routing through it and then c0cking up the packaging. Daylight robbery.
  12. Do not forget the major reason for the Customs existance is to raise money for the government to waste. Detecting drugs and stuff is just a side line for them. Why do you think there were merged with the Tax Office?
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Don't start me on my queuing in the post office rant... When I go intot eh post office its to buy stamps or send letters and parcels. WTF do I have to queue up behind all the scroungers, people who can't/won't get a proper bank account, cnuts....

    HMRC... What gets my goat is not so much that you get charged import duty but you get charged an admin fee for the privilege of paying that duty. You know that Brown and his cronies are going to waste the money you have paid them on an attempt to bribe enough voter.
  14. Only to be de-merged from them and merged with someone else 4 years later! Marvellous use of public funds!
  15. to be totally fair to the PO, when buying male sex toys from across the pond, British customs do tend to keep them in "custody" for anything upto 6 weeks.

    Apparently this is to heighten the pleasure for the recipient, as the waiting keeps you wanting sort of thing!!!!

    I only know this as JB told be about a certain item he bought a while back, and this was the way with his order!

    Why he told me? I have no idea, but I am happy to pass on what ive been told.