The post Nimrod world - Can France fill the gap?

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by sunoficarus, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. Anyone have any views on this? I know the Atlantique is not cutting edge, but now we are best mates with l'Aeronavale, could they be deployed to provide us an acceptable standard of MPA cover around the UK?
  2. Not really appropriate material for detailed debate on such a forum.

    However, suffice to say that Atlantique is inferior to the MR2 as an ASW platform but adequate in the ASuW role.


  3. Appreciate your points, I was thinking more of the gap we'll have in the maritime patrol mission keeping an eye on the trawlers, rigs and such like.
  4. Much of the routine policing is done by HM Coastguard aircraft; Nimrods have not done 'Tapestry' fishery and oil rig protection roles for many years to the best of my knowledge.

    Obviously the SAR role has gone which cannot be filled in the same way by other UK assets and I think we're unlikely to see Atlantiques deployed for such tasks.