The Pose and Grovel

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. Has any of the veterans of the Corpse come across this infamous newsletter?

    I've heard some pretty funny things about it, it sounds like an extreme version of the topics in this forum that upset the hierarchy entirely!!!! :lol:

    Therefore it is fun!
  2. Without giving too much away......... I was speaking to someone who had met someone who had actually seen it...... (Yeah Right)..... 8O

    It was very controversial and close to the fact in today's modern world of mitigation was probably libel. Thats said it was very closely controlled and if you managed to see a copy then you were probably regarded as very trustworthy. The Editors again were a closely guarded secret for obvious reasons but they were in my humble opinion some of the very greatest character the Corps has seen.

    In actual fact if you actually were allowed to insert names on this site, it would not even come close to some of the articles that appeared
    in the "alternative newsletter" as it has sometimes been called......So I'm lead to believe. Surprised it upset the Hierarchy though.....I very much doubt that they got to see it 8)

    Thats my twopenny's worth although I know for a fact that others that post on this forum will also have potentially seen it.
  3. Are you sure you're not referring to the "Brown nose and grovel"? That was the name of the scurrilous and viciously funny rag floating around in the late eighties. The hierarchy at the time, and one Colonel in particular, were extremely upset about it if I remember rightly, and called the SIB in to mount an investigation. The authors were naturally tipped off that this was about to happen, and several of us juniors were asked to hide boxes of the latest issue until after the monkeys had done the search.
  4. Allegedly someone who once sat in the same rail carriage as someone who had a mate, who once spoke to SN, was involved in another mighty organ.

    Appeals were made elsewhere to turn this into a virtual publication, to little avail Truth, accuracy......
  5. I remember that episode in NI. At least one copy survived in the Wis liaison office at WERC because it was safely stashed away in an RUC station.
  6. 1 post, hmmm, I smell journo...........
  7. You are such a cynic OI&S, I'm sure with only one post to his name, there is no doubt as to his authenticity. Perhaps he has a friend with a similar interst in Psyops??

    ta_old_guy: I have a similar interst in the welfare of those in closed trade groups and would be most appreciative if you could PM me with the details of any intersting examples.

    Perhaps you could also help me with the small matter of an awkward foreign currency transfer to my niece who it studdying at the LSE? I could be quite generous for any assistance recieved.
  8. I need details please!!

    This used to be the outlet for many, trying to show the true face of the corps!!

    PM me with any details, and better yet if there are any copies I may be interested in a purchase.

    8O Don't fail me...