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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheBigUn, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. The Who's Online quick link shows the number of members and guests online.

    This was this evenings total. Obviously ARRSE is becoming more and more popular and more people are viewing these pages.


    TheBigUn’s Friday philosophical.

    One, and probably the main benefit of ARRSE is obvious, it's free. We can communicate with other like minded people 24/7 for the price of our (or a free workplace) internet connection. Donations are gratefully accepted though. ^_~

    Another advantage is being able to share common knowledge and advice, and in a lot of cases giving us the ability to learn. I think almost everyone has learnt something while being on ARRSE? It gives us the opportunity to talk to other people who we share a common bond with. (Well in most cases :roll:)

    Through ARRSE, we are able to connect with military minded people of all ages and across all social boundaries, people of all ranks and experience who, by and large come on ARRSE because they want to. By looking through and contributing to ARRSE you often gain a large amount of information and guidance; it’s not just a case of something to do. We are able to chat and converse with people who share the same interests, concerns and problems, which in turn gives us that warm fluffy belonging feeling.

    Through ARRSE, similar individuals can be united in one place, without having to leave the comfort of our home or the office or the discomfort of wherever you happen to be on duty or on Ops. In today’s technological world you could even be logged onto ARRSE from your internet enabled phone on Mount Everest.

    Furthermore, and dare I say this, the more you use ARRSE the more you are respected. (Or not in some cases,:-| yeah I know) If you use ARRSE more often than most, you become a recognised member and it's likely that the other members will be interested to hear what you have to say (although there are notable exceptions) and also, in the case of some of the more senior members, even trust what they say.

    Despite what some may think ARRSE is usually very welcoming and members actively encourage others to communicate and share their knowledge. Treat others as you would expect to be treated and you can’t go far wrong.

    I think the popularity of ARRSE is largely to do with the camaraderie, the banter, the piss taking and the free knowledge and advice that you can gain from being a part of the most popular online British Army community.

    Smile, you are all unique. :biggrin:

    That’s why I’m here, what about you? ^_~
  2. Are you that desperate to be MOD?
  3. I think most of them are in the NAAFI forum getting outraged over JRIII thread about cancer sufferers.

    I'm here because I tend to find out more on here than I do directly from the army.
  4. Not my cup of tea thanks. More due to reticence and Laphroaig. ^_~
  5. iam here beacause i have no friends..............................
  6. i heared that
  7. I'm not as mean as I pretend to be, made some quality pals here and the odd utter comedy gem fired off from someones keyboard keeps me coming back. I can name thirty pricks who should have been stabbed then drowned at birth but another thirty who I'd give the time of day to at the very least.

    My own belated advice would be to contribute, everyone has something interesting to say if provoked adequately enough, apart from stabs, pads brats and house pets.
  8. do one, you bore the poo out of us,
    next you will be telling us about your jigsaw and stamp collection,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  9. I like the outrage, the wind ups and the bites they attract. The charity forums and events are a great idea, operated by some great people and the Hols4Heroes charity has done incredibly good things for our heroes in need.

    The good people who started and persevered with ARRSE until it has become the success that it is now, can't be complimented enough.
    However, it is very habit forming :nod: and I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't have at least a daily look.:oops:
  10. Im mega me, a few swear words and crass insults have allowed me to swamp the wombs of a clutch of site females and i can be assured of a free pitspace if need be from plymouth to rosyth.

    I also remain the best looking man on this site......
  11. No you're not, you're a three foot four inch dwarf with a small cock, but big hairy bollocks..
  12. Do it, according to some, if the tear drenched pm's I get are to be adhered to, I need a 'bloody good hiding!!' apparently I've no respect and should learn when to wind my neck in :) if you batter me senseless you will look fantabulous !
  13. But by god he really knows how to get them biting, if you cannot stand the pisstaking get out of the narfi, hopefully as we speak the cancer is gaining ground !!
  14. I like the humour and it's edjamacational. It is also good to be able to give a bit of wonga and know it's going to be used properly thanks
  15. Hopefully, as we speak yours is winging it's way to your colon with a party pack of tumours and it's teeth nice and sharp!! X