The Poppy Thief who has sickened Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. Apologies if I've been stupid and missed a thread about this (I've looked but can't see one) but I'm gobsmacked!


    To say I'm sickened by this scum is an understatement. :x
  2. Whilst I denounce what these two men (and I use the word only in its biological sence) have done - has the Daily Mail buggared up any chance of a conviction by making the cctv evidence available???
  3. I'd worry more about the videotaping of the tarring and feathering.
  4. The law's capacity to be an ass notwithstanding, how can that be? If there's video evidence of the theft, surely it can't be prejudicial to show it before a trial - or can it?
  5. Because evidence has been leaked before any trial, the defence can argue that any jury would not be entering its duty without prior prejudice
  6. Grrrrrrrrr! The filthy thieving scum deserves to hang! :x I hope they've not buggered it up, though even if he gets caught and it gets to trial he'll probably only get a couple of hours community service. :x
  7. Hmm - I haven't studied Evidence, but if the Jury is going to be shown the CCTV footage in court anyway, how can it be said that there is prior prejudice, or that whatever prejudice there might be is relevant? I think the only situation where the video might harm a prosecution is where the video is not going to be used as evidence.
  8. Sven is talking rubbish. Somehow I think he lives in another country and doesn't understand our laws.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I hope someone who knows this scum will show some moral backbone & shop the scum to the Peelers.(hopefully they'll be a slight technical fault with the CCTV in the cells as well......
    B astward is beneath contempt!
  10. The only way a video released then introduced into evidence can be contested is if the defence can show doubt in the authenticity and/or malice in it's recording (a sting)

    The recording will be a whole afternoons worth, so it'll show it's not been doctored, the police would have had to approve its release and broadcast and therefore be confident in it being a tool to ID and apprehend these two. (please note I'm not voicing an opinion as to do so then be called to jury service in this case could show I had a prejudice and lead to my having to dismiss myself as bias.)

    Please let me be on the jury.

    Beebs x
  11. Unless this is going to be contested at an higher level, my understanding is that this will be handled in a local court and will not require a jury trial.

    This is a case of petty theft of a few quid, not the Midsummer Murders.

    He' probably just get probation or community service, someone will be able to dig up some extenuating circumstances??
  12. It's insult added to injury. The fact that the public have to collect amongst themselves to look after our war heroes is bad enough without tw@ts like this making it even more difficult.
  13. Just another thought on evidence, what about when the Police relase a CCTV video in the hope of catching the offenders - I recall the video of Jamie Bulgers killers being released.

  14. See my post this was on the front page of the local echo when it happened, with a large CCTV photo, asking for the name, said theif was convicted.

    I would add he was on early release!!!!!!!