The Pope

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fencer90, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. Is an Argie ...........
  2. Padre Frank.
  3. I'm going for a dump.
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  4. What Prince Albert said.
  5. this is probably where the Pope topics belong. Although 'Pope Off' in CA was fun...hey ho.. Why am I here?

    11-03-2013 18:33
    I joined in the highly amusing and irreverent 'Pope Off' topic full of 'naughty' words and ‘crayoning’ commensurate with ARRSE banter. (My post 118 )

    11-03-2013 to 14-03-2013 The said banter continues in the usual ARRSE manner…3 likes received…it was stonking along nicely unabated.

    14-03-2013 10:26 I gave some strong shit for shit.

    14-03-2013 13:09 I posted a reply with some mild banter.

    14-03-2013 13:18 PM warning for posting shit for shit at 10:26

    14-03-2013 13:19 Mod warns all to keep it clean in CA

    14-03-2013 13:20 PM infraction for my 13:09 mild banter post.

    The topic was a red rag to many bulls and it attracted the appropriate stuff, a couple of serious posts were in contrast to the general material being posted . No evidence of a really sensible CA thread was detected especially early on. It looked like typical NAAFI.

    It appears as though I was given the infraction in an unjust and badly timed manner.

    The ‘crayoning’ about this event in Site Issues: see ‘Moderating CA’ tends to put my case into perspective.

    Your donations of sympathy to RDF please...:)
  6. Sometimes though, you should just step away from the keyboard. You fucking big cry baby.
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  7. Argie? I thought he was a Nazi.

    Has it been found out he did a runner to Argentina at the end of the war or something?
  8. Not QUITE old enough (other than maybe Hitler Jugend)
  9. Cry baby?...FFS...Your blub blub blubs to moderators are on record for all to see dear. ARRSE happens to be frequented by seasoned soldiers now and then so if "dribbling quims" like you can't handle the material you should get the fuck off out of here, don't spoil our fun...

    Ironically I happen to enjoy giving shit to idiots so stick around babe... It's my perceived role apparently and I once again rise to the occasion. .8)
  10. How do you cook yours?
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  11. A light cooking oil, some chopped foreskin cheese and fucked until she screams for mercy... but you are struck off the menu so don't get wet. :mrgreen:
  12. Yikes!...Apologies to everyone, I appear to have ‘cocked-up’ big time. No puns or innuendos involved…honest to god.

    It should have read a ‘knob’ of cheese grated….now stop it missus! Just another ‘tip’…oh fuck, another one….behave yourself!... If the dish is dry please use silicone oil or graphite grease and abuse for ten minutes over a kitchen table before placing on a warm oven to finish off.

  13. The Pope is Jim Bowen!!! Super, smashing, great!!!