The Pope, The Prophet and the religious support for evil

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BrandySoured, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. Independant article

    It's from Friday, a very good article that should make the religious apologists think on.

    But it wont.

    Edit: added article for peeps that cannot follow links.
  2. Can of worms opened. I bet at least one religious loon will try and defend some of those actions.
  3. When people think that an infinitely powerful, all-knowing entity has taken a personal concern in their actions, and in how they respond to the actions of others, whether they have bacon for breakfast or take a close interest in the contents of other gentlemen's trouserings, they have entered a mental landscape in which reason as we know it has no meaning or purpose.

    Hitting someone with an axe, or interfering with choirboys, is no more or less logical and reasonable, then trying to appease a supernatural being by eating fish on a Friday, or repeatedly beaning yourself with a stone, or snipping a bit off your dong. Expecting rational responses from such individuals, is like expecting your dog to put the hoover round and pop an apple pie in the oven to bake.
  4. Excellent response P.S.F.!It is such mind focusing concepts that are finally helping people to free themselves.The cruel ways organisations such the Catholic, 'C of E' churches and Islam, have dominated the lives of their 'flock', have been a litany of abuse and deception for thousands of years.At last people are realising that they do good or bad thing because they have the choice,and they can accept the credit or negative response as their own,not immediately defer all credit to 'God' or punish themselves with pointless guilt.