The poor bloody infantry

A rather poor understanding of the realities of sustaining the force on a non-linear battlefield too:

'There is no reason for supply convoys, or routine personnel moves, to travel through combat zones.'

So how else do they get there? Do you send a £20mn CH47 for every 10 tonnes of stores, or a £100K DROPS?

More wokkas would be great, but you can't avoid being on the ground sometimes.

His downplaying of the SNATCH issue is similarly misinformed. We have taken a number of fatalities in WR (none, touchwood, from en action in CR2) but less than from SNATCH. No protection is impregnable - but that does not mean you don't up your chances.

All in all, Page (as for all these self-proclaimed experts) is moving into areas which he knows little about.
Page does have the ear of many in power who count him as the UK's leading expert on where the Armed Forces should go. So expect to see many of his predictions coming to pass in the future especially axing all destroyers, frigates and tanks. But not when it comes down to paying more to Troops or buying off the self.

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