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The poor are starving their kids....the cnuts!


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I'm quite keen on weetabix and a probiotic yoghurt.

My packed lunches have a 3 portions of fruit, and I have 2 or 3 portions of fruit in the evening...

Smoothies I bang out on occaision for a snack... or a banana.

I'd probably be quite healthy if I could shake the beer, wine and coffee habbits!
Do you know that if you take a few table spoons of plain live yoghurt, add it to milk at body temp leave overnight in a flask you've a flask full of more yoghurt in the morning.
I'll give that a go...

I've got the mother in law coming to stay soon. She can try it.


You went to school before cameras were invented?


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I can't see how anyone can go wrong with breakfast, it takes me about five minutes. Peel and core a pear, peel a kiwi and a banana, toss them into the blender and add some natural joghurt. It's fucking tasty and costs sod all to make, not to mention you're getting all those nutrients. Granted my day tails off after that but I've got breakfast sorted.

I normally have frozen strawberriesthawed and blended with fruit juice and yoghurt and porridge topped with more of the same yoghurt. Again can't go wrong and again cheap. Think the strawberries are probably the most expensive bit and they cost about £2 for a kilo bag from Lidl.
You're all fucking amateurs. There was this one geezer who fed 4,000 people with just five loaves and two fishes...
Don't turn this into another 'Bring back the ACC thread'

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