The Pompeii Syndrome

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HarryPalmer, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. If you want to read the novel for yourself look away now.

    Basically Muslim terrorists hijack a BA airliner en route from west of Ireland and plow it into the caesium storage facility in "Freshpark" (ie Sellafield) nuclear power station. Five thousand foot fireball results in Caesium cloud drifting over north of England. Disguised as firemen, other terrorists gain entry to the stricken station and blow up the plutonium storage facility. Torrential rain. Northern England massively irradiated while radioactive cloud also devastates Holland and Germany.

    British government move to Gibraltar, martial law declared. France closes borders. "Freshpark" fires contained after a month after massive loss of life. Northern England rendered permantly uninhabitalbe.

    Britain is faced with loss of over twenty million of its population (even water has to be strictly rationed, reduced rations for the dying.) US and Canada offer to take millions but there are huge logistical problems in transporting these numbers across Atlantic before starvation and disease take their toll.

    With genuinely no other option available, Britain invades and occupies Ireland. Over the next fifty years both countries cease to exist as we know them, southern England becoming a giant Gaza strip.
  2. Sounds like a good laugh.
  3. Why invade Ireland? Why not just retake France?
  4. Im all for it, meself!
  5. I like the way the author has had sleepless nights since doing the research in case this happens.

    Now we will all have them as he has just put the idea in the head of another rich lunatic with some unhinged mates. Thanks.

    Tom Clancy wrote about a jetliner being crashed in to a biulding and the massive loss of life that occured, and bingo it came true (sort of) in the end.
  6. Northern Englands inhabited :? :D .
    Sounds like a right laugh.
  7. So you're saying you'd prefer the publishers avoided flooding the tribal areas on Pakistan-Afghan border with copies of this book?
  8. Yes, and Rambo III.
  9. I'm sure the good people at Penguin Press know their business, but lets not do the terrorists planning for them.

    I can see the O-group now. Page 1, can anybody read English?
  10. Unfortunately something nasty is going to happen one day; it is just a case of trying our best to avoid it. I believe the IRA summed this up with a statement along the lines of 'we only have to be lucky once, you have to be lucky all the time'.
  11. I'm sure it makes a good thriller, but (based on the Sunday Mirror article) it's about as realistic as WWF wrestling.
  12. I gave up reading at this point. If he can't tell the difference between Pu-239 and Pu-240, the chances are the rest of what he's talking about will be b******s too...