The Pollard Affair Scandal

Just read some crap about Brit couple, David and Amy Pollard, and her divorcing him because he was boinking an other girl in cyberspace as part of his jollies on Second Life. She claims he ' cheated ' on her and all sorts of marriage counselor types and head doctors have jumped in to say ' Yes, what she said ' as they claim he was ignoring his wife and this was ' symptomatic of other problems within the marriage ' so, even if he was just w@nking over his ' puter and not messing with the ' other woman ' for real.. it's all the same.

After seeing his phottie.. big, bald flabby git.. she should have dumped him months/years ago.. though, to be fair, she's fat and frumpy as well, so I could see why he'd want to w@nk in the dark with a fantasy babe, and she'd be afraid of ' losing him '...

Funny thing is, the ' on-line sweetie' and ol' Dave are now' engaged' for real.. wonder if she's seen his actual photo or if she's a munter as well. [ note that Dave's Second Life avatar is slim and has hair and a buff bod ]

sure glad I am able to restrict my 'puter sue to ARRSE and playing Free Cell..

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