The politicians, the Court Martial and where the buck stops.

Will any Politician face the music, ala Rumsfeld, if guilty verdicts are issued to the 3 Fusiliers?

  • Unlikely, as you could not possibly lay any blame for soldiers' msdemeanours at their feet.

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  • Definately - all Bliar's merry men are honest men of integrity (Blind Pugh) and will face the music

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  • Not in a million years - more chance of Peter Sutcliffe running the next prostitutes' rehabilitation

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Remember when Rumsfeld came under a considerable amount of pressure to answer some searching questions about abuse of prisoners etc.

If the ongoing courts martial reache guilty verdicts on the 3 soldiers in the dock in Osnabruck I wonder if TCH will be required to face the same type of grilling and aportioning of blame that some of the world gave our Donald? I'll wager a fiver that any politician even remotely associated with the MoD will be concocting a miserable, weasle paragraph to disassociate himself with any military connection, just in case the press drop him up to his nuts in Branston.

Or will the merde stop somewhere further downhill? I wonder how many officers (senior or junior) have either tendered their resignation or contemplated it because they know that someone lower down the chain has committed a heinous offence (either on ops or in peacetime).

There's no doubt that if found guilty the three musketeers should face a hafty punishment - but where does the buck stop? The one glimmer of hope for the three is that old adage 'In the Army, you're guilty until prosecuted by the ALS'! :twisted:
In accordance with the President of the Court martials wishes as expressed today, and with the news that the attack on Shaibah this afternoon was in retaliation for these events, I'm closing all threads related to this story until the conclusion of the Court-Martial.

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