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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lsquared, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. The so-called 'chief policeman' who authorised the arrest of a Tory MP and the searching of his office in the Palace of Westminster, has attacked the Tory Party - what a surprise - accusing them of 'something or other'.
    He has I believe issued some sort of apology.

    Now, this man, surname Quick, looks to me to be an 'ugly bruiser' who has risen through the ranks not by performance but by his size and the loudness of his voice. He is, in my opinion, the epitome of the New Labour leaning 'senior' policeman.

    Remember, his 'hat is in the ring' for Commissioner of the disgraced and increasingly despised Metropolitan Police Farce. Miss 'Spliff' will take notice of his anti-Tory stance, I am sure.
  2. Any chance of a link for these attacks and retractions?
  3. Sorry 'bob, but it was old-fashioned steam wireless. Same thread on/in 'Intelligence Cell, but as the 'mods' are all left-wing 'Marxist twats' I doubt they will do 'owt.
  4. I think the link to the original story in the Mail is

    Mrs Q is running a car hire business from the family home. Looks like the Mail tried to get the boot in with comments like no financial information about the business is available because it is not registered at Companies House. Err, could that be because Mrs Q runs an unincorporated business so she can't register at Companies House, and she doesn't have to publish accounts just like every other unincorporated business?

    Another classic was Other events it will provide cars for include same-sex civil partnership ceremonies. No kidding. Car hire firm declines to illegally discriminate against gays. What a shocker.

    Even for a rabid, frothing at the mouth, poll tax loving Tory like me, this article was stretching things a bit far. Assistant Commissioner Quick was quite justified in being angry at the attempted hatchet job on what appears to be a perfectly legitimate business run by his missus. We can no doubt look forward to the entire senior management of The Mail becoming suspected terrorists as of tomorrow morning.

    However, his comments were not justified and they speak volumes about his political views and about his suitability for a high profile job. The fact that he sees a ham fisted attempt to smear him by a right wing tabloid as some sort of sinister plot by Tory toffs is a wee bit worrying. What'll happen next time one of our bearded friends self destructs on a tube train? Guided tour of the cell block at Paddington Green for Dave Cameron?

    Interesting to see that he withdrew his accusation of Tory corruption less than two hours after making it. No doubt he'd spoken with a lawyer who explained just how much he stood to loose if one of the numerous barristers in the Conservative party sued for libel.
  5. I reckon he was smeared by a colleague or subordinate and the Tories have nothing to do with it. He's made himself look a right fool now. :twisted:
  6. He may be a little sore with the Tories because the fuss they made about Green's arrest, coupled with the fact that Bojo made it blindingly obvious that he had no confidence in the man ensured that his application for the top job fell at the first fence.

    I would guess that a lawyer pointed out that he might need to employ his services if he didn't have evidence to support the allegation of corruption...
  7. He's a fat pie eating c*nt, much like the chief buffoon Prescott.
  8. I agree that he's probably vented his spleen and possibly for good reason (we probably have all had a good rant on more than one occasion) but, someone of his position and experience can't afford to provide a 'quote' for the papers - if that's what happened, allegedly, etc even if that's what he thinks (allegedly!)
  9. Quite - if there's nothing really in this, and if he felt that he had to say something pointed, a simple 'I am honoured to join the serried ranks of those subjected to the looney-tune, swivel-eyed hatred of the Mail on Sunday. Good day to you.' would've done the job...
  10. The British police force wants scrapping and starting again, it is the most political in western Europe and beyond.

    Police chiefs are often university-educated, civil service, above-the-law careerists and not successful officers of the police force. They are groomed and reared by the liberl elite to fill in the senior positions and administer the police force as a pointless Gestapo, intrusive, militaristic 'force' rather than as a 'citizens in uniform', preventative force. Read Hitchens' Abolition of Liberty to get a proper intellectual and historical account of this process.

    He's Brown's acolyte, blatantly obvious.