The Political Awakening of a Soldier

Discussion in 'Poetry Corner' started by Mel1721L, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. Removed the poem, and no it doesn't have to ryme, there are many different styles.

    Responses were from ignorant uneducated *******.
  2. You are a ******* toilet
  3. Heinz Beanz are good for your heart,
    the more you eat, the more you fart,
    the more you fart the better you feel... eat Heinz Beanz with every meal!
  4. No mention of Binfantry? 3/10.
  5. You didn't like it then?
  6. Grab a verse and put your own mark on it;

    I was a soldier without rank,
    It was my job to drive a tank,
    I had some quality porn so I could ****
    and no money in my account at the Sparkasse Bank!
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  7. Mel that has to be one of the worst poems thats landed on this forum, no doubt in wibble wobble land its great, here its shoite.
  8. See the half litre glass inward bound,
    Watch beer spill all o’er the ground,
    Here’s Cpl Monkey on his way,
    Look out people, run away!
  9. Were you an officer?
  10. Me? Of course I was. I was a Rear Admiral in 1 RTR.
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  11. Political Soldier heard that before...oh hang on Nietzsche came up with the idea which was leapt upon by the Nazi's (The SS).

    So the quesiton is...are you a far right gimp who's never actually given any form of useful service to this country (UK), but rants on about doing your bit for your country, by penning shite like this? If you are may I suggest you start by not writing any further pish (or at least not on here) and staying put in fecking Spain with all the other aged facists (do you visit Degrelle's grave every so often for inspiration?)

    Out of interest what the **** are you doing in Spain if the UK is so good? You do know Spain is part of the EU and if you really believe in that toss you penned surely moving back to say, Croydon would more suitable then at least you could pen shite safe in the knowledge you're not a double standards walt.

    People like you make me vomit and feel all violent and aggressive - which isn't like me at all.
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  12. Wordsworth it was not!
  13. If I had been a officer I would not call you a **** for posting that drivel
  14. Wordsworth? It wasn't even a McGonagle!
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  15. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Most poems rhyme
    This one doesn't