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Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Mag_to_grid, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering have any ex army on here had any major dramas in getting in the Police in the past few years. I ask this as after going through the entire recruiting process for the 3 rd time in 2 years I have just been rejected yet again - this time for having too many occasions of sickness in the past 3 years. Funnilly enough the majority of occassions are for an injury that I got in the forces (which I have now fully recovered from) and if wasnt for that then I would have been well within the maximum number of occasions. Having spoke to the recruiting department they basically said that they saw me as unreliable and individual cases cannot be taken into account. They knew how many days I had back in January yet it took them until July to make their decision.

    A friend of mine was also recently rejected after undergoing the entire process as they said that he had taken out a consolidatory loan - even though he had now paid off the loan in full now and had no outstanding debt, their reasoning being that he was a financial risk in the looming credit crunch.

    It would make me feel better knowing that we aint the only ones! Another friend of mine who has been in the Police for the past 10 years or so says that years ago there were lots of ex forces joining up and now he doesnt see any.

    Is the police a numbers game as people say? Are people getting rejected due to being a normal hetro, white skinned males?

    Sorry if im going off on one, but a bit pished off with the whole thing on principal. All these do gooders you hear about who get in the police and join their gender/sexuality/race related groups and are basically encouraged to do so really get my goat. Whatever happened to joining the Police to serve a community?

    Just to add, I have every respect for the Police (Hence why I wanted to be A Police Officer) just dont understand where the powers that be within the organisation get their ideas from these days.
  2. My bold.

    I think you may have answered your own question.
  3. whether you like it or not, the Police( no matter what force or constabulary) have to achieve levels of recruiting "visibly ethnic minorities" and females. So the bare fact is my friend, that you are at the bottom of the pile being straight WASP.
    You MUST request feedback from your interviews or papersifts, and if there is no good operational reason as to why you've been rejected, then kick up a right stink. Please Please don't be fobbed off to being a PCSO "for a year to gain experience", it could ruin your view of the job.
    Keep at it, goodness only knows we need a few more blokes (and girls) with a bit of backbone in this job, and I've been at it for 17 years now.

    I sincerely wish you all the best of British - don't give up. PM me if you feel like it
  4. Cheers Creepy, age not really on my side now so may have to adopt plan B and look for something else, what i dont know, I got knocked back from UK Border agency earlier this year too and they refused to give feedback.

    Only left the army to join the Police so may well join back up and perhaps finish my time.
  5. I've sent you a PM
  6. I haven't.
  7. bensonby you have one back

    Cheers Biccies!
  8. Anytime mate. Hope it helped!
  9. Ever watched Scottish BBC - the sports guy David Currie. Very smart bloke (Philosophy degree), fit, very personable; why did Strathclyde Police knock him back years ago? He had been issued with a community charge summary warrant when he was a student. Students paid 20%, the system was chaos, the warrants were issued in their thousands by the council themselves with no court process.................whoopie f'kin doo.

    The brother of my TA yeomanry pal is, essentially, half man half pitbul - a very useful individual. He left the cops down Bath/Bristol because he just couldn't be f*****d with the attitude of half his colleagues.

    There was a piece in the Mail (I think) today about how a lot of senior cops in Ayr are pissed off because the groovy initiatives and community based policing they favour was suspended for a period and the ordinary cops were allowed to "get in the face" of the neds they way they wanted to. Crime and disorder collapsed. Well, you don't say.

    You might be better off out of it. (Mind you, I am sceptical and disillusioned about pretty much everything :( )
  10. Was only 'in' for a year ...and then only as a Stinking Civvy Support Pleb so probably doesn't count for much, but an unfortunately high percentage of the uniformed plods were the sort that wouldn't last 10 minutes in pretty much any army unit you can think of. (Including AGC! :D )

    I now work with a couple of ‘old bold’ ex coppers who spin themselves into a frenzy in their chairs (coz they're not quite dead yet) on the regular occasions that we have to deal with our local plods. Like Victor Meldrew they can’t BELIEVE it! “What has coppering come to?!” they ask. You’re a victim of the PC brigade searching for a 'more diverse work force in tune with the local populace' it would seem.

    And don’t be tempted with the PCSO route which leads to Neighbourhood Policing Teams and such like…. Chasing the local scum around the streets with no powers to prevent them carrying on with their scum-like behaviour would send most into the nearest loony bin (or local nick coz you’ve cuffed one of the little sh*ts when you thought nobody was looking)
  11. Repeating myself, my army officer pal lasted a bit over ayear in the cops before joining Boots as a security manager. He described the cops as "The most bone-headed blue collar job in the f***** world".

    And he was keen to start with :D