The police are searching a building in Tunbridge Wells

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Sep 2, 2006.

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  1. Latest. 100 officers are searching a building in Tunbridge Wells.

  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I don't follow Frenchy?
  3. 'Disgusted of Tonbridge Wells'.
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I posted the same report in another thread. It turns out that there has been arrests in both London and Tunbridge. The most obvious thought is that the county location was support for London, but as soon as I heard Crowborough, I thought of the camp nearby. Could it be that an attack on MOD property was being prepared for under the cover of the school?
  5. It's Tunbridge Wells. Tonbridge is the hole down the road where i went to school.
  6. Funnily enough its an Islamic school that they are searching - what's Your name again???

  7. Anychance of a link, etc? Why are you disgusted?
  8. Its a play on those who write letters to the papers, ie - Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells
  9. Frenchperson does 'plays on words', irony, humour, (amusing) sarcasm? Hello?!

    Check the edit time.
  10. Dunno, he can be quite lefty. Wouldn't be suprised that he'd be truely disgusted. Seen the pictures of the place on the news. it would take a large amount of search trainedpolice officers to do it reasonably quickly.

    But you know the news it doesn't mean that there's a hundred physicaly doing the searching. It probably includes logistics types (cops gotta eat) officers on cordons, special branch, dogs etc etc.

    If its the amount he's disgusted about. I cant see why
  11. I wish the media would stop hyping up all these arrests and raids.

    If they turn out to be baseless then its just more egg on the face for the cops.

    Was there any real need to go and interview the manager of the 'halal Chinese restaurant' where some suspects were picked up?

    "Yeah my customers couldnt get any grub"

    What a load of arrse.
  13. Let's wait and see, eh Taz??? The cops seem to have been on the ball with the High Wickam etc investigation - all we have to do now is await the trial. If that all falls through and they are found innocent then You can give Your rectal verdict
  14. You need to pay more attention to the first word of my second sentence.
  15. Frankly Sven, I agree with Taz. He's not questioning the effectiveness of the police investigation, rather the way it is being reported to a BBC audience with an assumed mental age of five.

    Even if they are all banged up for the rest of their naturals, the BBC coverage will still be arrse...unless you can demonstrate that the whole case cannot be interpreted correctly without the restaurant manager's interview*.

    Have you not noticed the deterioration in the reporting and presentation standards of the BBC news teams since the appointment of the latest head of news? Even the hacks were complaining that they had been told to include one 'gimmick' to each major story even if it added nothing to the digestibility. By way of further example, that's why when T Bliar returned from his holiday we were treated to the mind-numbingly dull 'illustration' of some knob demonstratively crossing out words on a sheet of A4 as the voiceover spouted yet more supposition about the future leadership of the Empire...sorry, Liabour Party.

    *If, however, he turns out to be the key witness, I will of course print this out and eat it!