The poachers

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by paulyb102, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. Just added a poachers Forum to the 1st Battalion one, its viewable at this link, i did this for you Tommo!

    Will Add a Pompadours forum quite soon

    All the best fellow angle irons!

    Paul :D
  2. Are the Poachers still out in the sandpit?
  3. Have no idea Matey, i,m an ex Viking meself, hopefully someone else will let us know

  4. Ok. Was just wondering because one of the DS on my TA CMS(R) was a Poacher, and was heading out there soon after we finished. I'll keep an eye on your website and see if he logs on there at all.

  5. Cheers paul mate i registered on site. Poachers are clowing steadily back this week and next the main bodies that is. I also remember celle med room right shit****! Good old trenchyard barracks.
  6. Yep, they're out, and getting quite a hard time of it by what is coming back in the papers. 35000 rounds fired in Basra in October (not all Poachers, but by all UK forces there, I think).

    That's a lot of lead for actually not much media coverage...