The PO Wing at Catterick?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Aggernon, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. Any memories would be interesting.

    I can't even remember the barracks, but it was the one that had all the RAC beginners in as well.

    And lots of nice dales to run around looking cavalrylike (or tanklike if that was your preference).
  2. The RAC were based in the lines around the Waitwith Bank area. Meggidoo,Shaibah, Cambrai, etc. The bulk of the accommodation was built between 1939 - 45 and used by National Servicemen following the War. The old tank sheds have been demolished and the area is now covered with SLAM blocks.The huts are nothing but a distant memory, however, all those grassy hills remain for people to run around on.
  3. Cambrai barracks was where the POs wing was. A long time ago for me......the Royal Hussars were the training Regiment at the time, and the POs course OC was Johnny Kaye, who went on to be CO some years later. Happy days mostly, apart from the hills!!
  4. Cambrai Bks. QRIH were the training regt when I was there in '89. I remember the whole course got jailed by the RSM for failing his inspection! OC PO Wing was a complete **** from the QDG - Capt R......k. Quite a beast of a course, log runs with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, endless stretcher races and track links in your bergen if you fucked up in the field. Great fun!
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  5. Yup, Cambrai. Thanks.

    The lack of a timetable was the worst thing about it, with the constantly having to be ready for everything keeping you a slave to kit maintenance and the ironing board.

    I remember the recruits elsewhere in Cambrai being told to give us a degree respect because they had it easy. :|

    I was there in '89 too, and Ren* would seriously be reported to the press for cruelty these days. Fascism/sadism!

    Do you remember your kit going out the window on inspections and getting a couple of hours of sleep a night?

    At least it made Sandhurst extremely easy.

    Do you remember the goodbyes to those that didn't pass RCB?

    I remember Johnny Kaye from a few years later. For obvious reasons.
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  6. Was it two or four hours sleep if you were lucky?

    Or still at scrubbing the tiles with your spare toothbrush with no sleep before Corporal P's quick choice of whether to throw your boots or your branket out of the window and into the mud?
  7. I was there 70/10 intake. We had the POs in barracks with us. One in particular comes to mind "Charles LS". Those that were there will remember him. A certain 2 RTR "Tommy G" (our room leader) used to give him some shit.....for being lazy during the bullshit nights and room inspections for not pulling his weight. Our Intake NCOs took care of throwing his kit out of the window through lask of work..... One sticks in my memory (Muddy H - 9/12L).

    Oh happy Days!!!!
  8. Was there in 78 when th Scots DG (see I got that right even after all these years no RSDG for me) were the Tr Regt the recently retired Jimmy James (twin of Ron) was the wing SNCO. The block we were in was the last on the right hs just after the block in which the trainee pipers were accommodated I still have problems with pipe music.

    We were allowed at the end of the course to strip one piece of copper pipe to increase the amount the next course had to polish, one of our lot thought it would be a good idea to strip one of the longest pipes that he could find running the full length 12 foot plus of the showers until it was pointed out that we too would have to polish it before handover and that we had better things to do, needless to say he did not pass RCB.

    Overall happy days apart from the drill, block inspections, bullshit, log races, gym work, forced marches, assault courses, weather (started in late spring for Yorkshire), oh nearly forgot changing parades, ranges to which we always ran/marched.

    On the whole we were treated well, by everyone including the other recruits as they could see the beastings we got.

    Would I do it again, yes partly because of where it got me to but more so for the guys who were on the course who were OK.
  9. Was at cambrai in 88 (88/09 intake) and remember watching the PO's running about. We had a PO in our intake doing basic then trades for some reason, not sure how the engagement worked but I met him again in 1989 in Detmold when he was visiting as a fully fledged officer. Oh those hills, how I miss them.
  10. I passed through Cambrai in early '87 when the 14/20H were in charge (only for gunnery Training, Junior bleeder you see). I chuckled the moment I saw the tank track of 40+ links sat outside their accommodation. :)
    The links were numbered and I still remember to this day on one occasion seeing the PO's shouting and arguing because they needed to get them back in sequence (after a quick jog around the block) so to get back inside before their time ran out.

    The other hilarious thing was the fact they couldn't eat together. The PO's used to ask if they sit with you or, in some cases invite themselves onto your table, in that shite cookhouse and make conversation in their sloany chinless way. We just used to abuse them as much as possible
  11. It was fun to have to do laps of the parade square if you buggered up your drill.

    All those hours trying to bull your boots ended up decorating the square.

    We just used to sit wherever we could at the cookhouse and couldn't care less about conversing with Cambrai's other inmates. Saying which, they would occasionally come and commiserate with us.

    I'm sure the Blues and Royals and Life Guard wannabes loved getting their practise for bulling boots!:)
  12. Didn't R******k make us do stretcher races up Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.

    "Don't fall into the water when you're carrying the stretcher!"
  13. Was there a certain Sgt Boot (think that was his name) from 3 or 2 RTR, there at that time, he would have been gunnery instructor?
  14. The PO wing was very unstructured and little more than a holding troop when I went through, 66/19 intake. No officer, just a Cpl, (C**s**y, QOH). He put me forward for promotion to Local Unpaid L/Cpl which I was chuffed about at the time (you've got potential,sonny), until I realised he could then nominate me to do his guard duties as NCO i/c Reliefs. Not only that, the fat tw*t was putting me, and a few others, forward to do guard duties for half the Cpls' Mess - for a fee. Character building, I suppose.