The plot against Harold Wilson, BBC2 16/03/06 2100 hrs

OK, so who'll be taking notes on Thursday night?
I remember seeing a film in the late eighties called `Coup d`etat` (also known as Powerplay), starring David Hemmings, about the military seizing power, odd thing.... it wasn`t about some south american or african country, it was filmed in Canada and the actors were English speaking and using Chieftans and SLRs` so it seemed a bit close to home :lol:
Does anybody remember Citizen Smith liberating a Scorpion tank and driving it to the Houses of Parliament?

Freedom for Tooting!
Wilson was the junior minister who allowed the RR Nene engine to be exported to The Soviet Union when it was the most powerful 'Jet' engine in production. Without it there would have been no Mig 15.
Then he had UK build around 50 merchaent ships at giveaway prices for Poland, allowing the Gydanks yards to build Beach landing assault ships which altered the balance for Nato by permitting a Baltic flanking attack.
Oh and with Heath they ruined the UK economy, in late 60s I could buy 16 pints of beer for £1.
Even Cpl Will heard young occifers joking about the cumming revolution.

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