The Pleasures of Drinking

At this time of they year one is reminded of the ' dangers' of drinking to excess.

I think imbibing enhances the experience and, it appears, so do some others:

1] A Turkish shop assistant was found lying naked in a store window. Beside him was a mannequin with bite marks on her neck and two empty bottles of alcohol.

2] During a routine Coast Guard check, the captain of a 1,884 passenger Celebrity Cruise Line vessel was found to have a blood alcohol level four times the legal limit.

3] An Australian school bus driver was pulled over, with a load of kids on board, for speeding and swerving. He was 13 [!] times over the legal limit.

and my favourite:
4] A woman who taught drunk-driving enforcement at a Florida police academy was intoxicated and naked from the waist down when she was pulled over for speeding.

sadly, I can't recall any alcohol-related mishaps of such a public nature in my past, though I do vaguely remember an incident with an inflatable pool toy and the neighbour's dog...


"I do vaguely remember an incident with an inflatable pool toy and the neighbour's dog... " weren't caught sh@gging the neighbour's dog in the inflatable pool were you?? 8O


Didn't take long for this to get moved to the ARRSE Hole!
Inflatable pool toy and dog?
You were noshed off by the dog whilst lying pissed up on a lilo!?
suffice it to say that it involved a child's pool toy, some kind of dolphin or whale, a supply of helium and the neighbour's yappy small chiahuapoo or some such thyroid rat mysteriously snagging it's collar on said inflatable..

I thought it was hilarious but there was the threat of litigation which spoiled the effect....

upon sober reflection the next day it still was f**king funny, however, others remained unamused...

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