The Plane That Saved Britain

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by smokerjim, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Documentary on Channel 4 at 8pm, about the DH.98 Mosquito.

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  2. Possibly my favourite aircraft from the Second World war along with the Swordfish, but how can the producer of this documentary put forward that the Mosquito was a forgotten Aircraft? Has he never see 633 squadron.

    There's a chap in New Zealand who has recreated the jigs needed to build new Mosquitoes and he's well on the way to building his first airworthy example and there are several groups interested in purchasing more for there own collections.
  3. The plane that saved Britain?
    That's a bit of a hefty claim.
  4. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Well on the way? Mate she's flying, has been since last year: The Mosquito Flys - KA114 first flights - YouTube

  5. Tricky aircraft to fly and especially so if you had to get out in a hurry.
  6. True enough, after posting I searched to find the name of the man who has spent over 18 years bringing an airworthy Mosquito back to the world, Glyn Powell. Now that his work on the FB 26 is complete he's starting work on restoring his T 43.
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  7. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    One of the team involved in KA114 talks about flying her in this video in Canada:


    Type KA114 into youtube, loadsa videos of her. Pure aircraft porn.
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  8. Great the bloody virgin box has gone tits up.
  9. Surely it was the Hurricane
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  10. I ''Cabbed'' the prototype at London Colney, long long ago.

  11. A relative of mine by marriage sadly flew one into the sea in 1944 trying to intercept an intruder. He was only 20.
  12. Just watched the programme .... the " Anti Submarine " version certainly carried a hefty gun ... I am sure one of the guys that flew this type said all the instruments set to zero and the aircraft seemed to momentarily stop when it was fired .

    Edited to add from Wiki ...
  13. In the nineties I used to live in Chester and there was a Mosquito flying out of Broughton most weekends. The sight and sound was terrific but I never found out who or what owned it and I believe it crashed. Anyone have any background please?
  14. Channel 4, so you can catch up with virgin's catchup service for the next month (ims), or 4OD in perpetuity

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  15. Quite a few historians are now in agreement that the Spitfire was the most important aeroplane of the Battle of Britain. Even though the Hurricane shot down more enemy aircraft, that was only due to the fact that the Spitfires had drawn off most of the enemy fighters, leaving the Hurricanes to tackle the bombers, as was the plan.
    Even the Hurricane veteran association apparently acknowledged the fact that without Spitfires, the BoB would have been touch and go if the whole force only had Hurricanes (according to the Duxford Flying Legends commentators last weekend).

    The Spitfire also helped galvanise a nation, spitfire funds allowing the civilian population to help out. it was also arguably the most beautiful aeroplane of the war, possibly the prettiest aeroplane ever made maybe even the most wonderful machine created by man.

    Such a shame that RJ Mitchell never lived to see what his creation achieved.
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