The pitter patter of tiny feet.....

Does anyone else hanker after the 'good old days' when soldiers and officers had to apply to the CO for permission to marry and, more importantly, that it could be refused? (Though I am not sure that, even then, this would have stood up in a court of law!!)

I am tired (well, OK, actually sick and tired) of the chain of command providing sound advice to the many soldiers of both genders who somehow see matrimony and, in particular, having a kid as the means to everlasting happiness, (Hmmm, OK then, as a means of getting out the block) only to find that parenting is not easy, it demands a lot of time and sacrifice and no, you can't go out and get hat-racked every night of the week without detriment to your offspring.

I know that this is just as big a problem in civvie street (IQ tests for prospective parents perhaps?) but in our line of work it can have particularly far reaching implications, not least on operational capability.

Don't get me wrong, I am not condeming all young parents - I have got a couple of very able, organised single parents who cope magnificently and who have recently deployed to the Gulf - but, blimey, I have also got some real admin horrors too!

At the risk of getting too touchy feely, diverting yet more scarce resources and taking the whole Duty of Care thing too far, should we instigate parenting course that aspiring parents have to attend before they are allowed to breed? Just a thought.

Put that chip pan down Kylie!!
RangiRam said:
I know that this is just as big a problem in civvie street (IQ tests for prospective parents perhaps?)
And maybe selective gassing of problem parents, aborting of unborn children and mass sterilisation for anyone new entering the forces with a low IQ or bad entrance exams test results.

Followed by goose-stepping into neighbouring countries?
I like the way you're thinking Gunny.... :twisted:
Nah Oracle, I think I got it :wink: I do however think that perhaps the flippant tone I used might have undermined a serious issue. I don't pretend to have an answer but all I see is a lot of snotty nosed kids who are unable to administer themselves having more snotty nosed kids and adding to everyone's woes. I guess it has always been so. :?
I have to say that we are not exactly recruiting from the cream of society nowadays, so it goes without saying that we will be getting all sorts of social problems into the services.

Lets face, it training them to the British Army way of thinking and acting is not going to work on them all, especially with the ECHR getting involved in everything.

Having said that, I am, or rather Mrs Daylightshrubbery is about to produce our first offspring, so hopefully he/she will not be a snotty nosed admin case to add to your statistics. :roll:

I don't consider myself the brightest person in the world, so if I can look after myself and my family - why can't everyone else and not end up being a burden on the G1 chain.

At the end of the day you wouldn't get looked after in civvy strasse - so why expect it here?? 8O
I think that you may have hit the nail on the head their daylight; the level of support that our soldiers can expect continues to be raised to the level that some are now simply taking the piss. The whole Duty of Care thing and Rights of the Individual now seem to have overshadowed any thought of individual responsibility/accountability and how the maintenance of one persons rights can actually have an adverse impact on the collective whole.

When we do deploy on operations it is only right that our dependants are properly supported but an aweful lot of people now seen to expect similar provision 24/7.
have you ever thought that. the problem is due to people in the forces marrying for the wrong reasons.......... my mate after joining got married to a girl just because they didnt want to be apart when he got his first post over to germany........ they are still married and have no kids at the moment but im sure its only time untill they do.. they got married after a relationship of 6 months :roll:

this problem is common in civvie street too. with people using kids as an excuse to get handouts and a place of their own.....

what ever happend to people marrying for love and having kids because they want to be a family???

i know alot of people do but like everything else the small amount of people spoil it for the rest
Have to say that I concur with the sentiment of the first post. There are good out there, but sadly they are the minority and the majority get away with murder. It all puts an additional strain upon soldiers already overstretched. But hey.........there's nothing we can do about it as it's here to stay. Which brings me onto Gunny's post. Just say when and where?

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