Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gren, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. Ok, im pissed and thought, what the hell, why not make a thread for all those in an inebriated (spelling) state.

    How many times have you logged on and thought, Right, I want to rant, say something profound, talk bollix, or whatever, and never quite found the thread to say it in?

    So, get it off your chest/moob and feel free to say what the fook you like.

    My rant, women who talk shite, but despite being caught out, still try to act innocent, fookin slaaaags.

    If i offend anyone this evening, please be assured, its a temporary thing, and not meant.
  2. I'm sober, but I'll join in the rant.

    I fucking hate students, scummy cunts. Especially the blokes, most of them wear womens jeans and piss sitting down. THE FAGGOTS.

    A prime example,

    FREAKS, get a f*cking bath.

  3. Hear, hear W-60. Just visited that site, f@cking hippy student types. They are talking out of their hoooooooop!
  4. One hour ahead of you UK feckers so am drinking pivo and slipinaditch!

    And I'm watching the local politicos on telly and my p1ss is boiling. These cnuts are so bad they could get a job in UK.

    Cnuts (them not us).

  5. went out for a drink today and some scumbag smackhead staggers up reeking of pish....starts going on about how his grans had to go to hospital and he left his keys at his mates so could he borrow £9.50 to get a train . my reply "where are you going, fcukin peru?" dirty barstards. i think this is quite a common occurence though in some areas but seeing as though im drunk i just found it funny.
  6. Maybe you should use the new Google utility:

    Google helps prevent drunk emailing

    By Jack Riley
    Tuesday, 7 October 2008

    Google webmail service Gmail has announced that it is introducing a new feature to help users prevent themselves from sending inappropriate emails when drunk.

    Once activated, "Mail Goggles", as the service is known, prompts users to answer a series of mathematical questions before they are able to send an email, and is set by default to operate late at night during the weekend. Images released of the service show an adjustable difficulty scale to control how taxing the sums are.

    Gmail engineer Jon Perlow, who worked on the project, explained his inspiration for "Mail Goggles" on the official Gmail blog: "Sometimes I send messages I shouldn't send. Like the time I told that girl I had a crush on her over text message. Or the time I sent that late night email to my ex-girlfriend that we should get back together."

    "Hopefully", Perlow writes, "Mail Goggles will prevent many of you out there from sending messages you wish you hadn't."
  7. Ive not had any problem posting in any forum whilst completely shoite faced!

    I remember on at least one occasion waking up and thinking "Oh fcuk, I posted on arrse at some silly time." And then spending hours searching over the following days.
    I'm welsh so Ive not learned hou to use arrse functions. Unless it smells of sheep of course.
  8. That'll only get you about 2 stops down the line these days; the railways are a bunch of thieving gypsy bastards. :x AAAARRGH!
  9. Talking of thieving gypsy bastards, Big Issue sellers. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE HOMELESS, YOU DULLARDS, THAT'S THE ENTIRE POINT OF BEING A GYPSY!
  10. OK, im not pissed as its 0725hrs on Friday morning here but was does pi55 me off is those to55ers that stop you in the street trying to get your bank details so you can hepl save some mongtard child with a cleft palet somewhere in fcuking country i have never even heard of.

    TO55ERS, why dont these theiveing ba5tards just pi55 off,

    oh oh.. and another thing that pi55es me off is when you walk in to a shop and the shop assistants come up to you and say can i help you... NO fcuk off if i want something i will buy it, i dont need you trying to sell me a warranty on a toaster that cost 30quids and will only last a year anyway.. JUST FCUK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  11. Split-arses who gob off and hit blokes and think they are invincible and untouchable. I have no qualms in sparking out a whiny cnut!!

    *Rant over*
  12. Spineless blokes who think they can give it the large one, and spout utter shite on anonymous websites about how they "smack their bitch up innit", when in reality they make their so-called "whiny cunt" a cup of tea in the morning and beg them not to tell his dad that he slapped her because she didn't do his fishfingers properly and didn't make a smiley face in his mash for his tea last night.

    I'm sure your mam loves you really Davy.
  13. No, for example. Out on the "Razz" in Andover, having a couple of shandies, enter hills have eyes extra. Then, with no warning starts shrieking and squealing"Facking' Dirty squaddie cunts!" and proceeds to slap one of the lads. He then grabs her slapping arm and throws to the floor. If she had gone for him again he,or I would of had no qualms in knocking said spazz out.
  14. Of course, love, you keep telling yourself that. Who knocked her back first? Him or you?

    My bold btw.
  15. Here we go, every bloke always gets knocked back, thats why it happens. You head out on a friday or saturday night and you'll see it. gobby drunk lasses(just as bad as blokes if not worse) chops off and think no-one will answer back. Bloke answers back, lass doesn't like it then charges with stilletto(spelling?) bottle or bitch slapping hand. Trust me, this bog-eyed individual from the west country was so howling i don't think i could bring myself to make the two-backed beast with it and i have extremely low standards!