the PIs course

hey everyone
im about to go on annual camp as a PI, this is my first annual as an instructor, any tips or advice because im doing my PI's course??
i passed my 4 star as a cadet, so i have the subject knowledge, but any advice would help
Think SCIC, but with drinking in the evening and elements of tomfoolery throughout the day.

Yes it is a piece of pish, however dont let that fool you.
You will be sucking eggs most of the time, but just pretend not to know anything anyway.
That way you can help the muppets that you are lumbered with and will look the better for it.

The PI course will consist of:

Childrens Act
The Cadet - AI relationship (informal chat dos and donts etc)
more Drill
more Drill
Method of instruction.
Halfway through the course you will start the TP phase
And you will no doubt go into the field for 1 or 2 nights

The TP's will be the same as SCIC
Fieldcraft (possibly)
One theory lesson (possibly)

It is a jolly, but keep your head down. Whatever you do, never drop the bombshell around the DS that is 'when I was a cadet...'

I presume you are a PI in the same county that you were a cadet, if this is the case the staff will be watching how you are as an AI, and if you have fully made the transition from a cadet. (Which is harder than some people imagine)
Stick with your colleagues on the course and socialise with them.
You will be watched how you behave in the mess, so if you do go in there have a couple of sherberts have a good laugh then get your head down.
As they say 'They're watching you..........'

Have fun and all the best

Use your ears and mouth in the same proportion in which you possess them 2:1 (especially in the Mess).
Xplosiverab said:
In case you havn't guessed.........its my PI that's posting.
You don't say 8O
low on ammo and rab, i dont think i can keep up with your drinking speeds, lol,
thanks for all the advice "suits u" will think about it all
im off tomoz for annual, see you all when we get back
Top tips for moving from being a child member to an "adult" instructor.

You no longer have any friends who are cadets.
Do not socialise with cadets.
Do not chat to lone female cadets or groups of female cadets until you are a few years older unless another, older AI is present.
Do not contradict another instructor in front of cadets.
Never start any paragraph with "I was tought to do that differently....." or "cadets don't do drill like that....." you are just perpetuating cadet mythology and doing nobody any favours. Many of the older instructors are ex military and will delight in telling you exactly what you can do with your cadet ways of doing things.
Go in with a completely open mind. In my experience, CTT's aren't receptive to open debate, so take in what they say, speak when invited and you should be OK. If you are an ex cadet of 3* or above, your biggest problem will be boredom. Above all else, good luck and learn something from it. The biggest help for me wasn't the knowledge, I pretty much had that as an ex cadet, but getting more in to the adult way of doing things. Let us know how you went on.
As you probably know by now, the PIs course is NOTHING like the SCIC (shame on you whoever said that). It's basically everythin up to 2 star crammed into 1 incredibly dull week.

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