the pioneers chop???

Discussion in 'RLC' started by fed up, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. hears a great one for any one who can answer been in the pioneers have been for 6 half years and now they are saying that 500 plus are going to get the can. as always with this great army of ours no one is saying sod all just passing the duty rumour round. if we are getting the axe what options do we have. i am even more pissed off due to the fact i have just signed off and am being told there will be a redundancy package for those that choose now to leave typical army bring it out just after i quit why is it we never get told a soding thing?? any suggestion or advice would be handy cheers:?
  2. The information is out there. Stop crying because you didn't do a little research before you signed off.
  3. Utilising the skillset you already have, it should only take a few weeks retraining to become a semi qualified wheelchock.
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    The entire MoD apologises for not consulting you if you wanted to bin it, before making their decision.

    You ******* cock.
  5. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    I like pioneers and always have but they have been sold short by not having a true defined role. I know they have one on paper but if you see the regiments commitments (and they are considerable) there not in role and could be undertaken by other regiments. Given their peculiarities were always an easy target and favourites for the chop. I can see a Sqn in two of the new FLRs with the role of general labour, war graves and bath and laundry.

    Not sexy but a defined role none the less.
  6. I'm liking the pioneer puns :)
  7. :applaud:I'm glad I wasn't drinking my coffee when I read that!

  8. Here's a suggestion, McDonalds are recruiting, however, I'd apply quickly and before Sept 2011 as there is an influx of better educated, disciplined and motivated workforce enter the job market at that time of year (school leavers).
  9. I, for one, actually believe you.
  10. thanks for the usefull advice but at least i am not some fat crusty old timmer clogging up the system because i havent got the balls to make something of myself. its sad to think the army has so many desk jockys who thing they are gods. as for education what the **** do you know
    Here's a suggestion, McDonalds are recruiting, however, I'd apply quickly and before Sept 2011 as there is an influx of better educated, disciplined and motivated workforce enter the job market at that time of year (school leavers).)

    sad fucks like you make me sick you know nothing about me and you think your a smart arse making stupid comments to be honest its twats like you that **** the army up thinking your sooo great when really your nothing
  11. It is just the usual bollocks though isn't it mate?

    You have been told that the Army can't exist without you, but it can. What can't exist without you is the little pyramid of half Colonels and Colonels, that props up the RLC hierachy.

    Face it the system does not give a flying **** about you and your contribution, just so long as the gravy train is sustained.
  12. Oh Dear. Me thinks one doth bite too greatly.

    Have you actually been told (officially) that you and your cuboid brethren are for the off in the numbers you quote? Or are you listening to the rumour mill?

    Last I heard you and your ilk were in great demand on the search side of life (dunno if it's because you all look like two legged dogs -but it's better than the dole).

    If you are gonna go off on a rant, best to have a quick thing before you sock it to them there desk jockys.

    PS He's a stinking trog - it's in his job description to **** the army up! Last time I saw him he was scamming the phase 1 recruits for loose change to get his fix of pretty flashing lights on the fruity and one of the lads did a big shit in his boots. He would shit it if he met you. He's a typical gobby full screw. Did one tour of Bosnia (as the R&R co-ordinator in Split) and turned up for the Battle of Jubilee (late and incorrectly dressed). Then again he could be a Major. I get easily confused ;)
  13. Stop crying you big ******* baby, two posts and you've bleated in both of them. If you don't want to be treated as if you are thick as **** don't post with such glaring errors.
  14. Fed up (nice positive user name there). You are not doing yourself any favours trying to flame some of the regulars on here. Have you thought about a cap badge or trade transfer instead of bleating? Looking at the quality of your posts, the option to CCE is probably very limited, but you never know - speak to your RCMO (but don't call him/her a desk jockey!).
  15. His head!