The Pink Vampire of Celle

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Howay_the_Lads, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone who was a member of the fighting 14th serving in Celle in 1987 ish, remember this incident. If so who dun it?
  2. I served i Celle i dont recall ...please enlighten me. i may have just missed the incident.
    do u remember that show we did every year on camp and having to guard the tentage against the RGJ cover tent wrecking insertion teams. Celle was a cracking posting.
  3. One dark night in the X-Ray Tp bays, an insertion team from another Tp got in and proceeded to paint V5 white. They also daubed swastikas and 'spec op knobs' in red paint. They even painted the cables and wheels. However, the red and white paint mixed together and it went a gay shade of pink(ish). Who did it remains a mystery to this day.

    As for the RGJ, yes I remember running the gauntlet through the ornamental gardens, in the fear that we would be ambushed by Green Jackets. As I recall a couple scaled the back fence by 1 and 2 Sqn offices and filled a few blokes in the Cpls bunks at the end stairwell.

    Oh happy days.
  4. what was the name of the local boozers...i only seem to remember the Kwatch near the train station. celle was good CO PT in the block up and downt the stairs afterwards to the Sqn bar which was in the block next to my brim full of asha.........quality.
  5. God here goes, there was the 'Popcorn' - routinely out-of-bounds for it being a druggy pub (allegedly) although I have to say I never saw owt dodgy. The barmaid in there was called Maggy, and apparently went like a belt-fed wombat.

    There was 'Ingrids' next to the Cinema. Some ex-Army guy called John and his wife (Ingrid spookily) ran that. It was good for shock dice, and schnapps induced hangovers. I remeber the bar was lined with beer tankards with names on in red nail varnish.

    I also frequented the 'Gallery'. They did a top currywurst and chips in there. Did you ever do that vile shot of red stuff. Satans semen, that made you spew up your ring. The old boxhead barman used to video it for a laugh.

    There was that dodgy porno bar next to the night club in town near the train station. My first weekend I ended up in there. 18 years old and scared shitless!! mind you I cant remeber if it was the whores I was scared of or Jock McGlashin.

    Fcuk me, it only seems like yesterday.....
  6. yes its all coming back now...that red hot stuff had like a curry powder residue at the end if i remember rightly if u were a real man you would lick it out at which point your head would explode. walk home half cut jump the fence to the pool opposite camp and go swimming...looking back not the shrewdest of moves but good fun all the same.
  7. It certainly does. 1 Sqn 1985-1989, me, so I guess that puts me right in the frame.

    I remember the Pink Vampire incident and have a shrewd idea who was responsible. My lips are sealed, but suffice it to say that if you were to have looked at the J Tp W Tp and X Tp nominal rolls and identified the RTg and ROp tradesmen, some, at least, of them, would have been able to assist in your enquiries. Altogether an inside job, access to the X Tp garages secured, it is alleged, with the collusion of at least some of the crew of V5 itself.

    Bars - Ingrid's boyfriend was John S***ds, who was a retired EW Op who'd come to rest in Celle, after splitting up with the redoubtable Mrs S***nds just after he was discharged. Horrible place.

    The Gallerie was kept by an Egyptian guy who also owned the carpet warehouse next door. The red drink was the "Gallerietaufe" or "Gallerie Baptism" and was mainly Tabasco, Ratzeputz and red pepper. Horrible.

    Other fine hostelries included the Bierakademie down by the Aller, good for girliecatching, the Kleine Apotheke, excellent for that vital 0300 dram and the casino under the Waldhotel.

    Top place, Celle, despite the best efforts of 3 RGJ to f*ck it up for everyone.
  8. wad_tits_all_over read your PM.
  9. Wasn't it the Bierakademie that was full of chess playing wierdos? The place I'm thinking of did a dark brew called Andechs-known as Endex due to its phenominal strength. The was a fantastic Thai restaurant 2 doors down-popular since the cookhouse was the worst ever seen in my life.

    Jackets had gone when I got there -it was the Angle Irons who were OK, except when their boxing team tried to knok over a lamp post using Geordie W***** as a battering ram. Nasty business.
  10. QSA 0
  11. 23C

    23C Clanker

    I thought the name of the drink was 'Telfer'..i could be wrong...and Gordie, was he "Wrong" to..or not? ;)

    1 Sqn... Recce Dvr then Vamp Op...Good times.

    One time i was driving my Tp OC on EX, we stopped over one night in a tree line, the next morning i gave him a bacon sandwich, i done this everymorning for the whole the end of it he turned round and thanked me but then went on and insisted the i never do that again. It turned out that he is jewish and he ate the bacon out of kindness for me bothering making it for we laughed :)

    We used to live on the top floor, if you where looking at the building we had the room to the right of the right hand tower...The great god Cabbage lived there.

    Bat Tennis anyone?

    Sqn Bar at the end of the corridor...great setup.

    I loved every bit of my time in Celle, shame we lost it.

  12. LOL Bat tennis.....that tickled me. I remeber that very well, twatting the damn things with the lid of a dhobi bin amongst other things.
  13. The Pink Vampire incident was a bit before my time (91 to 96), but hearing all about the reg brings back memories. Anyone remember Dez the Fez and Harry the Bas**rd. Ref Geordie W*****, the Angle Irons tried to knock down the side of a building with him (wasn't a lampost, walls tend to give a bit more than iron). I remember hearing a couple of bods faced off against a much bigger number of Angle Irons in Popcorns over that incidnet.
    Happy Days (till we moved to Traz anyway, was never the same there - hardly any happy hours in the bays)
  14. 23C

    23C Clanker

    i remember Dez and Dicky, Derrick and darren the three-way-made SSM. I remember Rabbit to.

    Traz was the start of the end, but then again we still managed to have fun and at least there was no stairs PT in Traz, those stairs hurt :( lol
  15. Remember when rabbitt pulled off the female chef wig in the naafi...bald as a coote....didtn he get bust for it?