The Pink List 08

Discussion in 'Officers' started by seanbean, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. Post your comments here. (wef 0900Z of course).

    (Stand by for the customary run on razor blades in the NAAFI...)
  2. Guess everyone is either:

    a. Still celebrating


    b. Still drowning their sorrows...
  3. Presumably they can't be still either:

    a) Celebrating.


    b) Drowning their sorrows.

    Perhaps we could add a third category - penning a resignation letter?
  4. Don't quite know what you are expecting. As always there will be some on it who never doubted they would be on it, some who are mighty relieved that their name has appeared and some who thought that they had missed the boat. As for those who were expecting to be on it but weren't - bad luck. Volunteer Army and all that. I suppose there will be some who realise now that they may be stuck as a Major for ever.
  5. Ahem,,,,,, there are of course, those who, whilst not accepting this nor any other criticism, well deserve to stay Majors for the rest of their naturals.

    Not while a part of their anatomy points to the ground will they promote, thank God!!