The Pink Haus, Walsrode.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by wayner1970, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew if this select establishment was still in buisness.

    I remember as a young Trooper (not yet 18). A mate and i were picked up in a Taxi after enduring the delights of "Old Austrias" and "Studio 78". The driver asked us if we wanted to carry on drinking to which we naturally replied in the affirmative. He took us to the Pink Haus where our tender young eyes were opened a little wider. Unfortunatly we were too skint to complete a buisness transaction so matey and myself had a few more ales whilst Herr Taxi Driver popped upstairs for a Shag. happy days.
  2. Still there buddy, and it has just had another paint job, pinker than ever nowadays, mind you I should think the ladies have been changed since you were last there!!
  3. yep pink house is here, old austrias not,, studios is an even bigger disco now out side of town,,,
    if you couldnt afford the pink house then,, you will need to sell a kidney now to pay the prices...
  4. onoh yes i have many happy memories of that high class establishment.
    clutchbolt weeing on the sauna coals, duff getting out of the pool and leaving a tide mark. and i left the top section of my pads issued ironing board in there after the ajax bar opening nite hawaian nite .

  5. And washed too, one dares to hope?
  6. never go in the jacuzzi
  7. guy i worked with at 7 armd,in 86,spent every wage there in about 2 days flat.used to have to drag him out to go on scheme,n his wife was a stunner! !!.cowboy hats n cigars in jacuzzi.ahh they were the days.
  8. I recall the Pink House in the mid-70's and some Brit performer called "Audrey". Her speciality was to start with a blow job and then, as the final result loomed, would get out a whip and give the victim a good lashing! Turned out "she" was an ex-HGV Driver from Catford turned Tranny!!!!

    Were there a few red faces amongst the "Cavalry Set" (3 RTR/17/21L/4/7DG) or what?
  9. I think you're getting confused with the Django Bar, which was out near Bomlitz IIRC! Oooops what a give away, Banjotrooper will remember Audrey very well!!! 8O :D
  10. You're right - it was "Django Bar". Cancel my last and Thanks.