The Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal

Written Ministerial Statement

31 January 2006

Pingat Jasa Malaysia

The Minister for Trade, Investment and Foreign Affairs (Mr Ian Pearson): The Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM) is a commemorative medal which the Government of Malaysia would like to award to eligible British citizens, for their service in Malaya or Malaysia between 31August 1957 and 12 August 1966.

The Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals (the official committee which advises Her Majesty The Queen on matters of honours policy) has recommended that an exception to two of the long-established Rules governing the accepting and wearing of foreign (including Commonwealth) awards be made, to enable the Malaysian Government to present the PJM. Her Majesty The Queen has been graciously pleased to approve this recommendation.

This exception to the Rules means that all of the many thousands of eligible former members of the Armed Forces/Veterans, and others, may receive the PJM. This will be in addition to the British General Service Medal (with appropriate Malaya/Borneo clasp) that many veterans will have been eligible to receive for their service in Malaya/Borneo.

Permission to wear the PJM will not, however, formally be given. It is long standing Government policy that non-British medals will not be approved for events or service

- that took place more than 5 years before initial consideration, or in connection with events that took place in the distant past (e.g. commemorative medals);

- if the recipient has received a British award for the same service.

However, Her Majesty’s Government welcomes, and believes it is important to recognise, the generous gesture by the King and Government of Malaysia, and their wish to acknowledge the service given by veterans and others in the years immediately after Malaysian independence. The exception recommended reflects this and our strong and important relationship with Malaysia.

The Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals reviewed the 5-year and double medalling rules, and considered that, while there were sound reasons why they should be retained, there will be occasions when specific circumstances require exceptions to the rules to be recommended. When such exceptions are contemplated, the Committee will consider each request on a case by case basis, taking into account any special circumstances at the time. The fact that a similar request has been approved in the past will not mean that permission will be granted in future cases.

Applications for the PJM, and its subsequent distribution will essentially be a matter for the Malaysian authorities, in collaboration with the relevant British Government Departments. Large numbers may be involved. It will take some time for the applications to be processed and for the medal to be distributed. The Malaysian High Commission and the relevant British Government agencies will work together to determine eligible applicants. Veterans’ organisations and Service and Regimental Associations will also be involved. Application forms can be obtained from here.

Good Hunting
Pete Hughes
Very interested Pete. I suggest you email this link to Mr. Dobison, of Infantry Board "Anyone in the Regiment Recognise this Fella?" fame. He'll definitely want a new medal to go with his eh hem 'distinguished' collection. You may even know the bloke if you're NMBVA.
Sorry.....I stand corrected....with you now.
This quitting smoking lark is getting to me.
DodgerH. Thankyou very much for this info, my dad is entitled to it (Borneo 62-65) and hopefully I will be able to sort it out for him. I wouldn't have known anything about it and neither would he.


The link doesn't work. Anyway, if you are no longer serving you can wear whatever medals you like.

But what are 'they' going to do if you turn up with one?

If you don't work for HMG anymore, there's not a great deal of comeback is there?

Put it up and tell the youngsters what it means and what you did there...

Not at all, just a pragmatic youngster ;)

Anyway, who cares what the government says: Make your MP work - don't vote for them at the next election.


Perhaps it's a generational thing ;)

Fight the good fight, but in the mean time - wear the medal :)

P.S. That link still doesn't work.
Then wear it and be damned !

FFS George, calm down!

msr has quite rightly pointed out in an encouraging and polite way that you can wear what you like if you aren't serving. He is not pretending to be an MOD spokesperson, he's just giving you a fellow soldier's opinion -- and one I would imagine a great many arrsers would agree with.

Realistically, what are they going to do to you if you put it up?

The FEPOWs who turned their back on a Jap diplomat technically ought not to have done it but they were making a point in their own quiet way.

If you care about it, wear it. Let them worry about the 'consequences'.
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