The Pimp State.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. The idea that you can somehow stop prostitution is simply silly. It is not called the oldest profession for nothing. Very many young men and women prostitute themselves regularly for all sorts of reasons and for all kinds of rewards.
    There is an obvious and constant demand for prostitutes services (male & female). what is required is proper control and legalisation to stop the criminal use of this valuable social service being so prevalent.
    These women would have stood a fra greater hance of survuivalhad they been woring from a controlled and secured brothel.
    Sadly women like Melanie fail to understand that prozzies will always exist and hat rather than attempting to stop[ their work we shopuld be pressing for registration, establishment of licensed brothels, health checks and advice and paymet of taxes. Prostitution outside such premisesshuld then incur jail sentences.
  2. Melanie Phillips arguing convincingly……
    Yes, for a left wing, bleeding heart, bra burning liberal who writes for a sensationalistic newspaper.
    Usual generalisations and unsupported statistics.
  3. seen her photo? I think she's afraid of the competition
  4. It's all a case of supply meeting demand.
  5. The only difference between a bona fide whore and other women, is at least the whore has the decency to be upfront about what she expects out of the deal....
  6. Note 1.

    This thread edited already. It's being allowed to run so far, as this is an interesting viewpoint from a female columnist and one that can be debated, without people resorting to ad-hominem attacks or misplaced humour.

    Please take note. If moderation is yet again disregarded over and over again, so people can pursue pointless attacks on each other, or see how far they can push the envelope then this thread will also be closed.

    It's Current Affairs, not the Naafi Bar or the Arrsehole, and most people here are capable of debating like adults.


  7. The Yanks tried Prohibition of Alchohol, years ago.
    We all know where that turned out.
    How you are going you stop young men 'Bonking' when the most Natural urge in Life surfaces is beyond me.
    I doubt if most wimmin ever understand just how strong the 'Urge' is when it strikes home.
    The women who where murdered where Drug adicts first and resorted the oldest trick in the female armoury, You want, PAY.
    Pity the death penalty is long gone but then the Bleeding Hearts will be upset enough already.
  8. Surely if prostatution was legalised these girls wouldn't have been strangled as there would have been a safe place for them to work from where the police and authorities could keep on a eye on the pimps and madams (ie girls being kept against their will and fed on crack to keep them compliant).

    The more you clamp down on it the further you force it under ground, the germans seem to manage the prostitution issue in a sensible and grown up manner, (i choose them over dutch because they use it as a tourist trap so not particularly grown up), so why can't we?
  9. After all, there are students who think nothing of prostituting themselves to supplement their student loans. Lap-dancing clubs are seen as socially acceptable venues for a lads’ night out. Even Marks and Spencer was proposing to market a pole-dancer as a Christmas toy until protests forced it to take it off the shelves.[/quote]

    It is not the fact that students etc want to be professional Lady's etc to supplement their student loan for luxury items .
    It is a fact that years ago our country used to have student grants ,Now we have student loans where students are thousands of pounds in debt for accommodation food clothes travel etc.

    may be there should be a different system introduced in this country where every student whether they are full time or part time students should be helped with there finances till they are earning enough money to pay back the money they owe from there education
  10. the problem with your argument codeword is that many many more people now go to higher education than in previous generations when apprentices etc were the norm. This is perhaps why we have so mnay eastern European electricians, plumbers etc. The state cannot affod to support all students - and I don't think we should have to support people doing some of the less "useful" subjects anyway. where would the money to help all students as you suggest come from? I agree with other posters that there should be legalised brothels with health and welfare checks - this is the only pragmatic solution to the problems of people trafficking for sexual purposes as drug traffickers and people traffickers are scum who should be sentenced to hard labour
  11. I personally believe (and from reading previous posts I guess I'm really not alone in this) prostitution should be legal, albeit heavily regulated to prevent underaged prostitution, human trafficking, and other things that often turn up in the territory.
  12. [align=justify]It is an interesting piece in the current climate in Britain and the article by Ms Phillips is well written in my opinion. It would be a shame if it has to be put in File 13.

    Previous posters have said it is not called the world's oldest profession for nothing and that has to be one of the biggest contributors to its continued longevity and use within all communities. If you can sell it inevitably someone will want to buy it. There is always someone out there wanting to make money fast and easy - either the individual who works or the person who sends them to work. There will always be individuals who see it as their only career choice for whatever reason. There will always be individuals who see using the service as either their only choice or the more preferred choice.

    Drugs are a massive contributor to the situation. An expensive habit needs to be fed and once you have sold or stolen everything you can and you become desperate, exchanging sex for drugs or money seems an answer. A person that has a drug problem and emotionally blackmails or forces their partner into working is common. Equally common in that situation is the individual who runs several of his partners in the business by blackmail or by force or by drugging them/supplying them. Breaking the drug dependency-prostitution link is difficult to say the least as they are intrinsically linked in many individuals. Often times you may not have a drug problem when you start but the anecdotal evidence from many of these women is that they use drugs to allow them to continue working which then creates a "got to work to get the drug so I can work" cycle. What can be done to stop this I am not sure.

    Many parts of the world have legalised brothels or working individuals with varying degrees of success. I am personally in two minds about whether legalising or criminalising it is effective. Punishing both sides I guess is about as effective as going after users and dealers of illegal items. Criminalising it and only punishing the workers merely allows those who prey on the vulnerable to do so without fear of retribution. They gain a hold over their workforce which in many cases leads to death once the chattel has outlived its usefulness. It also allows those who, lacking something within themselves, wish to show the world they really are powerful to abuse a relatively powerless individual. Legalising it and punishing those not in legal establishments only creates illegal brothels and associated costs with patrolling. Sometimes it does, however, make a legal brothel a marginally more safe option for the workers as they are not out on the street, usually have better access to health care services due to OH&S agreements and can more confidently decline customers and unwanted demands by same. Illegal sex workers do not have that same level of protection.

    The trade in illegal sex workers is a global money maker. Coupled with the explosion in illegal immigration it is a problem that legalising or criminalising will not solve. There is a lot of money to be made all along the line except by the worker. Family in a poverty stricken, rural village has too many daughters. Daughters are seen as a burden, as a dowry that must be paid and they do not contribute to the family and thus are unwanted chattel. The local helpful type suggests that buying the daughter(s) outright or "getting them a job in the city" will mean the family will receive cash, crops, animals, whatever is needed. Head of family thinks this is a great idea and completes the transaction. Local helpful takes daughter(s) away and leaves the money/goods behind. Whether the daughter(s) agreed to the transaction, as they felt a duty to help their family, or were summarily sold makes no difference to the outcome. Daughter(s) now belong to the local helpful who sells them to the highest bidder in whatever country into sex slavery. Pushed into a brothel, often illegal, daughter(s) now told they have to pay back what they owe and will do so for many many years unless they die first. These individuals are trapped, completely powerless and often very deep underground. How do you stop that? Where do you stop it? With the head of the family? The village? The culture? The customers?

    The trade in children and under-age sex workers is even more repugnant to most as for many many years those taken into slavery in brothels and forced to have unprotected sex will often give birth to the next generation of worker. The owners see that as merely good business practice, an increase in productivity and a lowering of overheads. The price that can be attained for an under-age virgin in many high HIV risk countries is staggering, just ask those in law enforcement agencies that have to deal with this issue. Often these children do not even have an official identity and can easily be sold to someone who keeps them like a pet. There are many groups out there trying to rescue the children and the women and help them have a better life but they are poorly funded and often killed by sex traffickers for taking away their livelihoods.

    I cannot realistically see an end to prostitution whether you criminalise or legalise. What truly constitutes prostitution? Where does one draw the line? Is it where you saunter into a brothel for a twos up or buy a girl you just met a few drinks and she uses natures credit card to repay you? There is nothing "Pretty Woman" about the situation. Legal or illegal it is a situation full of human misery and exploitation and, like all other illegal activities, will always remain like that when there are sick individuals willing to make a quick quid off others suffering.[/align]
  13. brighton the sex trade takes place mostly from flats and bedsits from research theres no evidence of trafficked women and little evidence of lots of addicts on the game.
    worst problem is carding vast numbers of explict cards in phone boxes though this has mostly been resolved.
    which does remove the time houred jape of filling mates wallet coat bag with said cards especailly if he's off to meet fiancee parents of financee etc :twisted:
    drug addicted girls would'nt be able to work in a legal brothel but if there was a legal brothel and hrash penalties for kerb crawling a lot less supply and demand
  14. One may well suggest that with a legal and regulated industry the opportunity and demand for human trafficking may well fall and the ability to attack the problems of underage workers would also exist.

    If the whole trade is effectively illegal then to many the extent of illegality is not important. On the other hand if there was a legal and regulated trade then there would be far less demand for the illegal side and there would be many more prepared to provide information about illegal operations.

    Also from a purely practical point of view it would also mean that the industry contributed to the exchequer rather tha simply being a drain.