The pikeys are revolting



OK, who decided to kick off the Annual ARRSE Pikey Hunt without telling the rest of us? Selfish bastards!:biggrin:
Now that it a great idea! Planks with nails will make for makeshift stingers/caltrops. Ring fence them, the just let rip.



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It's been dragged out for years and what was originally going to cost just £3m to clear and restore the site to green belt is now costing half the annual Basildon housing budget. The skip rats from Dales Farm cruise around our industrial estate every day, scoping out what's going on. They park up and wander into the factories, looking about and making polite chit-chat with the workers and when challenged, slip out quickly. They send the kids around doing the same, begging for scrap. If a vehicle is left outside over the weekend they'll punch a hole in the fuel tank and nick the contents. If it isn't bolted down they'll take it and don't mind who's watching. I don't think they'll be missed, but I reckon they are going to be pretty tough to shift and might well make a show-piece out of the eviction. That old "we're armed and we'll foight" statement rings true around here.
Just Burn the fuckers out. It worked in Belfast in 1969. Make sure you have some sugar inside the petrol bombs.
Make sure a few kids are killed, make sure a few gyppo wimmin are removed and raped. This is the natural order of things.
Let's be fair now guys and gals - pikeys have to live somewhere. Can I suggest Benghazi then, life might get somwhat interesting there in the next few days and that would remove the problem from Essex.
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