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Rather than derail the chilli oil thread, I thought this topic warranted one of its own. I've just recently tried pickling chillies (as seen here; )

I can also report that curried beetroot pickled eggs are an amazing accompaniment to any curry night.

When I get home next week I'll post my own recipes on here, as well as substitute the Google images above for my own creations. If anyone has any recipes or ideas worth trying, feel free to post them here (incl pics).
I'm up for pickling some onions any recipe Ideas ?
I'd forgotten about this thread; clearly it is destined to rival any and all threads that have gone before it. Not. Anyway, about the eggs; they were lovely. I forgot to take photos, but I don't mind too much as they didn't look as good as the ones in the photo above. I'd left them too long, so the pink/white effect was lost. Hell, even the yolks turned a deeper shade of purple. They did taste lovely though. As for the chillies, they were perfect; I still have half a jar in my fridge, great for snacking on together with guacamole and nachos. I've taken a pic of what's left, I'll upload it whenever I can be arsed.

As for your request for a pickled onion recipe, I can't offer any advice other than to experiment. I boil white wine vinegar with a few tablespoons of sugar and pour it in a large jar, followed by the onions (not silverskin, but preferably quite small), a few bayleaves, a couple of dried chillies and a slack handful of peppercorns. They usually taste best after a month or so, but you can knock a week or two off that time if you stab each onion dozens of times with a cocktail stick to help the pickling liquor to soak in. Try that for starters, experiment with other stuff to suit your taste later on.
Never tried that, I use a bowl and liberal quantities of salt. The salty oniony liquid produced after 24 hrs is great for curries.


Never tried that, I use a bowl and liberal quantities of salt. The salty oniony liquid produced after 24 hrs is great for curries.
Please await NHS police queries regarding your salt consumption.
I've tried rubbing salt into the onions and leaving it overnight, and I've tried adding salt to the vinegar at the boiling stage. Either way works fine.
Bashed out a few jars of green tomato and apple chutney a couple of weeks ago. Currently "maturing" in a dark cupboard. Intend to crack one open in a week of two. If anyway decent, will update if anyone is interested.
spent the afternoon pealing and salting me onions got them in the garage now for the night.

So I like the idea of chucking in some chillies and the like but anyone had any other ideas?
Have you tried pickling things in Cider?
My wife and I like it.

In fact I've been putting things in cider for years!

Old but still enjoyable, that one.


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I did my pickled onions three weeks ago. I thought about pickling some eggs as I've loads of pickling vinegar left but it's the brown malt vinegar. I'm
Not sure it'd work the same, anyone tried it?
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