THE photo's

does anyone on the site or from the inf room acknowledge being one of the 'dozens' of soldiers who have come forward to piers morgan to confirm these photo's authenticity? or know any of them?

This type of story, if found to be false, will have damaged the military as a whole far beyond any retractions by morgan and his cronies.

If false what punishment can be imposed?
wHoSaIdThAt? said:
does anyone on the site or from the inf room acknowledge being one of the 'dozens' of soldiers?
come forward and implicate yourself. :wink:
I'm quite surprised the RMP hasn't PM'd each member with their traditional 'you may as well admit it, your mates have all dropped you in it...' ploy. :lol:

(with apologies to MM, of course)
#5 some piccies from our last Sod's Opera, that probably don't show the service in it's best light.

Ok, journos, the bidding starts at 50 quid per negative :twisted:
The pic with the rifle looks like a shiney BB gun to me!

My rifle's handguard has never ever been that clean! especially in the field!!!! 8O

What's all the effing fuss about. What ever those supposed pictures prove the ill treatment of Iraqi personnel. The British Government and the MoD has been doin it to UK soldiers since I can remember. Pay 2000, Combat 95 er ...2005, cutbacks, and that is just the tip of the iceberg its a big learning curve Mr Blair.

Good old squaddie sense of humour eh!!!!
remeber building one of those airguns after buying it (never shop while drunk ) bungeeing a bloke to a bed and using him for target practise
if only he looked arabic I could have made some money :lol: .
First glance they looked real to me but then I'still looking for back blast bags . Looking again there looked to be something odd about them
and now of course they look fake.
oh bollocks just taken film to be developed had some shots of prisoners we took not that we abused them . Guess if I go to colchester
at least I'll learn to iron properly :oops: .
If they find who did it send them back out
Filbert Fox said:
come forward and implicate yourself. :wink:
not to implicate yourselves/themselves (the site is anonymous isn't it?) :?:

but if they've got the balls to speak to alledgedly 'slimey scum' like piers morgan who are apparently 'only telling the public what they need to know' then they should at least be able to enter as a guest from a net cafe and try to justify their action! :evil:

out of interest, has anyone here taken high quality balck and white pictures that magically happen to fit the tabloid template?
Colour digital cameras are for just that - COLOUR digital images.
very suspicious


Book Reviewer
see Poll at

Question posed:
Do you believe the Mirror's 'torture' pictures are genuine or a hoax?

Gen << Prince of Darkness >> Jacko may be mildly encouraged that 78% of Londoners who responded think these pix are dodgy.

( Blind faith in Our Brave Lads or cynical Londoners who recognize a stitch- up when they see one? You decide...AND VOTE!)

I remember that slimeball Piers Morgan when he was Editor of the News-of-the Screws......I cannot bring to mind a single even mildly supportive Services piece during his tenure there...can't expect one now that he's migrated to the Mirror....

In ten years time some Labour/Conservative brown-nosed apparatchik will suggest Piers Morgan for an Honours List nomination...something dinky like a CBE for Services to Journalism....when that day dawns, remember his actions this month....

Le Chevre
woody said:
bungeeing a bloke to a bed and using him for target practise, if only he looked arabic I could have made some money
please transfer this to the sexual deviant thread. :D

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