The Phoney Victory

The Phoney Victory


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The Phoney Victory - The Phoney Victory, World War Two in Delusion

It seems quite a thin book for the vast amount of material that Peter Hitchens has covered in its 280 pages. The ‘introduction’ alone covers 27 full pages of detail and relates the reasons why the author feels the need for producing such a book. It covers the period from WW1 up until 1945 but deals predominately with WW2. It lists over a hundred treaties, many of them were of course Top Secret during their time and were made between the Major powers in Europe, some treaties includes the US...
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I now have the review copy of the book, very kindly passed on by @overopensights.

I have to say that the introduction altered my initial impression.

I had thought Hitchens was of that 1960's generation who prefer to tear down anything the previous generation achieved during WW2.

I disagree with a great deal of what he says, but nonetheless appreciate the depth of research.

That said, he himself agrees that he has cherrypicked history to shore up his central thesis .

But well written and rather ' more in sorrow than in anger' than I had anticipated.

@Themanwho has dibs on it next.


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As to the bombing, Speer was quite explicit over the cost in men and guns etc and wrote that the bombing HALVED the number of 88s available to take on the Russian tanks, and also diverted a huge amount of scientific research into AA fire control and radar and so forth.

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