The Pharaoh

The Queen was sat in her chamber mourning the passing of her husband the Pharaoh when the first minister came in bowing low, your Majesty there is a problem with the burial arrangements.

What is the problem asked the Queen?.

The first Minister blushed and said perhaps it would be better if your Majesty saw the problem for yourself as it is of a delicate nature.

They entered the chamber where the sarcophagus stood with the lid laying uneven on the top, that your Majesty is the problem, his Majesty the Pharaoh has not lost his erection and we can place the lid flat to seal the sarcophagus.

The Queen called for a sharp knife and the lid to be removed.

She went to her late husband gripped his still erect shaft and cut swiftly with the knife removing the offending item she them thrust the enormous phallus up the late Pharaohs ass, moving to his head she noticed a small tear in his eye, she leaned close and whispered into his ear, “ Yes it hurts doesn’t it you barstard”
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