The Phantom Dumper!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 10BA09, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. I once woke up in the middle of Soltau Training area, in an AVRE drivers seat, with a steaming turd on my chest! Did anyone else experience this phenomena?? He was prolific in 32 Armd Engr Regt, any one else?
  2. Yep I found the phantom in Ripon ,he took a dump in my Donald Duck cup and then put it in my bed side fridge for me to find the next morning :D :D in a very hung over state :x :x

    Spenny if you read this your still a T**t :wink: :wink:
  3. Ouch, I am crying, can we ban humour till the painkillers kick in??????
    Funny as f uck
  4. gornji vackuf 1997 - phantom used to sh1te in the lads flip-flops.
  5. we had one when we were in BELIN 79-81..

    USED TO BREAK INTO ALL THE C.S.Ms offices and take a dump on their desks..;
  6. Ours was at 45 Fld Spt, Neinburg, crapped in a bath most Saturday nights.
  7. Some dirty ferker used to shit in the golf course holes in Munsterlager really pised off the RSM he was a keen golfer
  8. The same phantom struck in Sennelager many years of our biggest guys woke one morning,put his foot in his dms whilst dressing...yep he found a huge turd lurking in there! The room emptied quick time as he swore revenge on all of us....sorry Taff.... :D :D :D
  9. Detmold, Hobart Bks, 2 ACSPU, 1988, a certain Cpl curled one out on the OC's desk one evening after doing the Ninja impression up the drainpipe, over the roof etc....

    OC was a kn*b and deserved it though......
  10. anybody remember FI**y FI******ld and the shoe box sh1t bomb??
    He also used to target ladies (?) handbags and pints of lager...phew
  11. daz h*w***s, 37 fd sqn late 80's also used to favour german ladies handbags & their sofa's.
  12. I remember doing my A1 in 97 and he struck the Parade Square one sunday evening. he seems to have migrated to the Beach now only 6 or so months ago the square there got the same treatment. It was promptly cleaned up before the powers that be caught wind tho.
  13. My only experience was in the South of France on an adv trg exped in 2002. Having phantomly dumped in the long grass just off the campsite, he no doubt giggled with glee when he saw the campsite owners mow straight over it the next morning.
  14. Batus 1990 - reccy mech having shit behind wagon, rest of crew making egg banjos on roof of arv - one of the lads spanked a boily of the back of aforesaid reccy mech's swede . Reccy mech scoops up turd on shovel and flipped it up onto the arv - I swear (no duff) it landed bang in the frying pan!
  15. If its the same D_H who is now a certain Unit's Badge then I think you'll find he also carried on the same tradition at the Grim, would leave a one nighter with her kettle full of urine and all electrical goods wrapped up in as much clingfilm and tape the said culprit could find in her house! Those were the days. 8)