Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BoringUsername1, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    After my last question (yes I realise now that I was asking how long a piece of string was :thumright: ) I was wondering if someone can help me out with the following.

    I'm on for RT 2 this coming weekend and I'm putting my papers in to transfer to the RAC out of the Infantry. As suspected they closed my detachment down so I'm off. With regards to phys standards, I'm doing about 30 sit ups, 25 press ups. Current time for 1.5 miles is anywhere between 11 and 12 minutes.

    I'm running either twice a day (2.5 milers, a warmup and then 1.5 miles at pace) or once for a long run (like a 10k) with weight sessions about 3 times a week.

    I've got another 8 weeks to go before the PFT. I'm hitting the phys hard and the weight is coming off to boot, I'm 6ft and 15 stone and with a bit of luck I should be more like 14 stone by weekend 6.

    Now, this is where I start to wonder and I get worried about the phys. Let's suppose that in the remaining 2 months I don't hit the targets and I fail the PFT on Weekend 6. What happens then?

  2. Would it not have made sense to have done at least some fitness before signing up?
  3. I've just done summer challenge and they wouldn't RTU people unless they got 13mins + . I did the 5 weeks, and I'm 6ft and 14st, my times started off at 11:14 and dropped to 10:22, so you should be fine. Keep up the phys!
  4. Keep up the good work. And IF you dont get in at least you wont be a FLUB anymore
  5. Are you undergoing your training at 4Div RTC (SE) in Malta Bks? If so, failure to meet physical standards by weekend 6 results in a 'backsquad' to weekend 3.

    If you have any questions about the standards you need to reach then speak to your Platoon S/NCO or Officer this weekend.
  6. Hi There,

    Im in the process of joining the TA like yourself. but i havent been for my medical yet where as your further ahead in the process than what i am.

    I have read on your post that you where 22 stone can i just say its amazing how well you have come so far, like yourself i was 20 stone and im now 15,10 and im 5 ft 11.

    The real concerning thing for me is that i am really struggling with my runs, i can only get between 14-15 min so im wondering if you have any tips or hints. I know i need to get the weight off thats why im doing weight watchers im hoping im under 15 st when i go for my medical.

    Im joining the INT corps,

    I have been doing some sort of Exercise every day normally burning between 1000-2000 cals per session in the gym mainly focusing on cardio.

    My new exercise routine will consist of a session in the morning before work and also after work. Running will be my focus in the morning and cardio in the evening i havent touched weights yet as i dont want to bulk up just yet.

    I would really appreciate your advice and info of your journey so far (what to expect in TA selection etc).

    Many Thanks Again

  7. I think any fatty who drops that sort of weight needs a round of applause so gents, hats off to you. It's that sort of grit that gets you through basic so I wouldn't worry too much - show the right attitude and the staff WANT to get you through.

    A lesson to all fast pie-armers everywhere. Stop blaming the glands, get of your swollen arses and burn some cals.
    Salad with your Big Mac is NOT a diet.
  8. 1) Run further. The 1.5 mile is a test. Your training run should be at least 3 miles.
    2) Interval training, where you sprint 3-400m and then walk back (briskly) to the start line and repeat may help improve your run times.

    I've noticed that a lot of people are really struggling with push ups and sit ups. I think it's probably easier to improve your run times quickly than to improve that core and upper body strength so get going on that too.
  9. i agree with ex_stab, it is easier to get the run times down than improve the rest.

    But keep at it, and all of a sudden the strenght and fitness seems to "step up" a level and it becomes a heck of alot easier afer a while
  10. Maybe not but it makes me feel better when Im scranning 4 of the fCukers and 2 fillet 'o' fish :)
  11. Thanks for the great advice people, im going o go out now for a spot of fartlek

  12. Why are you running twice a day? You could try getting a heart rate monitor and run for 40 mins at 70-80% 3 times a week. One to two interval sessions , run them either as a "pace type" session or one which gets your heart pounding. Sandhurst produce an excellent booklet which gives you the various times to run to achieve various times at 2.4km. This could be used as your pace interval session.
    Then for a heart pounding session try this:
    warm up for 10 mins, then run progressively harder for 5 mins, then run for 1 min at 90% HR Max,then 1 min 70-80% HR Max,then 1 min at 90%, then 1 min at 70-80%,repeat twice more then 5 mins slow run. You then repeat this 3 more times.
    You should try to develop your upper body strength, by doing press ups, pull ups & inverted rows. Whole body strength endurance with burpees and squat thrusts . Develop lower body strength with a bergan, some weight inside and squats and lunges.
    Just a few ideas which might help :)
  13. im shite at pacing myself, but if you just simply aim to beat everyone in front of you on the run, then youll be fine.

    for me running is as much a mental thing than a physical thing, and you dont realise until the end is in sight that you really do have the ability to double your speed and beast yourself in past the slow knackers. only <10mins of ur life, you should be destroyed by the time you finish in my opinion. and staff like to see you in a bit of a state at the end.

    oh and dont sit down, stay standing and encourage the rest of the runners.
  14. The key for faster run times is to have a strong aerobic capacity (HR based sessions, 40 min minimum) and shorter harder sessions at racing pace desired (or higher and each session getting closer and closer to racing pace).

    The shorter sessions are more of a pace training session.

    400 m sprints using the HR to dictate is also good, however thats more long term and you need a decent aerobic capacity to pull that off.

    On my selection weekend I pulled 9 min 3 s and that was without any running. Pure long distance aerobic work (mainly rower, spin bike and elliptical and a HR monitor).
    I managed a 8 min 34 a few months later after including interval sessions (circuit based involving burpees and DB based exercises). Not sure how that one happened.
  15. Maybe you could also look at joining running clubs in your local area, this should help you increase the distance you run. Seeing someone in front does tend to push you to run faster/further.

    Could could try Brit Milt Fit, they run all over the place and do lots of army phys such as shuttle runs, press ups, burpees, squats etc. I've done a number of classes with them and do reccommend you try them.

    Don't get too fixated on running. Lift weights, go swimming/cycling/walking with weight.. I do press ups and sit ups between adverts if im watching tv- every little helps!
    My press ups went from 13 up to 50 just by doing them first thing in the morning and before bed. Get some good long walks in with hills, this will help prep you for CFT's. As for running, don't just run 1.5 miles, thats the mistake i made as a recruit. I now run 1.5 or 3 miles then do a 1.5 best effort.

    Well done on the weight loss though, and keep at it