The perils of the internet...

I'm surprised this hasn't happened more often and caught more attention..

Seems that faithful and honest Jordanian Muslim, Bakr Melhem was looking on the weeb for some solace outside of the marriage vows and latched onto a chatfriend, Jamila. She responded to his overtures, sending new cyber love partner, " Adnan ", mushy love stuff..

In due course they decided to marry, so great was their internet connection and they agreed to meet on a streetcorner and hence off to the local Imam for a quickie nuptual..well..
you can guess the horror when they discovered upon meeting
that they were already married to each other!!..

He immediately proclaimed the traditional Islamic greeting " I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you." in public [ making it official ] and she , outraged fingered him for a liar and a cheat and sought ' significant financial 'recourse through the Sharia courts..

Fun-filled day for both..

Came off the Reuters wireservice and published in Canada's National Newspaper. the Globe and Mail..I trust the source, implicitly..
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