The Perils of Food and Drink..

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rocketeer, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. What's This, what's this??

    The Prince of Wales is marketing his own brand of whisky??

    Borrogill?? Welsh Whisky? Cornish Whisky?

    and, while we're on the topic of Wales..Brit Trade bureaucrats have forced the makers of Welsh Dragon Sausages to put new labels on their meat products sayi9ng the links contain pork, leeks and official Jon Carthew replied that he was pretty sure his customers realized they didn't use dragon meat in making the sausages, but accepted the 'warning letter' from the government..

    w*nkers all...
  2. So there was me for years thinking i was eating prime cuts of puff the magic dragon to find out its porky the pig instead!!

    you'll be telling me that cornish pasties are made from cornish people!

    or jelly babies dont contain remains of little people

    or beef wellington doesnt contain farmers plastic boots!

    or that mre's taste like shit

    no hang on that last one is right! well except for the pound cake
  3. No spotted dick for me thanks...... 8O
  4. Are you a proper matelot lol
  5. Just because it's legal doesn't mean that it's compulsory you know!
  6. Just curious thats all matey!
  7. Eating is cheating......
  8. So what are babies heads made from?
  9. Just spat out my Cock-A-Leekie soup
  10. Personally, I like nothing better than a few faggots served with mash & gravy after an hour in the oven at Gas Mark Lots.

    Right - I'm off for some sliced pig, unfertilised chicken ovulations, solidified animal blood and sliced fungal spores. Yum.
  11. I dread to think what these cough-drops are made from.

    On the other hand I might go and buy some night nurse.
  12. Knob cheese...mmmmmm. Especially delicious when used to flavour fanny batter.

    And why are there fridges called smeg?

    Right, I'm off for a packet of pork scratchings.
  13. Piss covered peanuts that have been handled by every fecker in the bar.....mmmmmm
  14. does this mean Special Brew is only for mongs?
    and what of hobnobs? 8O
  15. Yuletide greetings one and all!

    chocolate log anyone?????????????????? :?