The perils of firing the .577 T-Rex calibre.


We've all seen vids of Arabian looking gentlemen beings blasted onto their arrses when firing a rifle. Well, this is the gat they were trying out. I just wonder what you'd use a cannon like this for. Enjoy:

Note the last geezer to have a cabby. He's not all that big, but he certainly makes by far the best job of it.

Bugsy said:
I just wonder what you'd use a cannon like this for.


There were herds of T-Rex wandering the Arabian deserts until that came out, so it seems to be fairly effective.

Their weapon handling does seem a little, errrr, casual.


The gentleman who commissioned/built the T-Rex and who owns the indoor/tunnel shooting range is a guy called Saeed. He basically loves hunting (mostly in Africa) and tinkering about with firearms and ammo ect..The range is part of his own workshop which he runs as a hobby. He is actually a very stand up guy and one of natures gentlemen.

He also runs one of the best hunting and shooting forums on the net:

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