The perfect pilot

Sorry, I thought this thread was about me....
Muttley said:
No No No its about me, isn't it?
Mate its called perfect pilot........ not 'Chucked in a ground role for the safety of the public' :D :D
If they named it after you it would be titled 'Ginger tached quiche eating misfit...............with a hump'
You'd know if you'd flown with flash, he would have tried to get his hands in your growbag and his tongue in your mouth as you made you short finals call.
The other day I was having a quiet drink with my old friend "Daily Telegraph" and his crossword at Kington Langley, Wilts. About the only other bloke in the bar walked up to me and under the pretext of asking what flavour crisps they had, boldly asserted "I'm an RAF pilot you know."

I looked him up and down and merely said "Utterly, utterly useless..."

He wondered off and pretended to be very, very interested in the horse brasses...


War Hero
Perfect and Pilot in the same sentence.... :D dont make me laugh.
Muttley said:
They can put me where they like as long as they keep my bank manager happy!
You'll be on more than him mate, he should be keeping you happy...

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