the perfect kit list for the field

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, May 3, 2006.

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  1. 1.other arms bergen
    2.karabiners on bergen and webbing to hold stuff on
    3.karabiner on webbing to hold sling when shooting
    4.spare combat trousers
    5.MODDED combat jacket
    6.58 patt sleeping bag or softie 9
    7.tea shirts
    9.gas stove
    10.mess tins spoon
    13.crap hat
    15.roll mat(yes i have changed my opinions on roll mats)
    16.note book
    21.shit roll
    22.95 shirt

    and i think thats all
  2. Discovered that you can get some friction off them when tightly wrapped up then eh? ;)

    Besides you forgot the obligatory copy of Mongs Wives for those long nights under the stars! AND you forgot your tin foil hat!

    Have you not learnt anything yet? tut tut :roll:
  3. oh yeah ill add strap sleeping bag on top of bergen then if it rains it gets wet

    Nothing like a wet sleeping bag :lol:
  4. good job you mentioned it, people might have forgotten
  5. Deoderant,

    (you are a cadet arent you)
  6. for everything else there is mastercard.
  7. moralibo
  8. A rhythm Publication (as mentioned) and a favourite sock?
    and more fags!

  9. pen?
  10. No need for the sock he said he likes wet sleeping bags - surely he wants the sticky roll mat?
  11. boots? or are acf not issued them?
  12. Surely you carry a cnut cap?, if not get yourself one made to measure.......
  13. Basha Kit ????

    How wet do you like your dossbag?

    Is this a cunning ploy to get the bestest ever most comprehensive kit list known to the ACF using about 200,000 years of experience found on ARRSE :?: :D
  14. ok few more thinks before i get more urinated on

    basha, bungees, pen, pencil, boots, polish, wash kit, torch, entreching tool if i was a reg, energy tablets for stag
  15. 12V Portable TV
    12V Portable DVD Player
    PT Kit
    OU Course