The people you meet...

I recently went to a dinner party at a friend's house. Present were three other couples, including two nice young men. One of them was so RMAS-clone it could not be true and after TQ over a bottle of Rioja he broke down and confessed that he had indeed been an officer in the Army. He had left as a Captain after six years because he felt he was unable to be himself and live in accordance with his sexual orientation. "Oh-ho" quipped I "you should have applied for a job in 3 Para mortars.."

He smiled in a "funny way" and went on to explain that it was precisely that sort of thing which had led him to PVR. I was momentarily aghast and thought "Another day when I write in my diary "Bugger!"" He then smiled in a normal way and said he was just joking and had in fact been in Spt Coy 1 PARA at one point! He had wah-ed me good and proper. I was toast...he did however later prove to have a good eye for interior design and to know more about West End musicals than was appropriate for a young man...
Did you make a move on him or not?
The effective range of an 81mm mortar? I wasn't aware that any of the infantry's play artillery had effective ranges. 13 rounds a minute of nothing in particular, is still nothing in particular - whereas 1Rd FFE of 155mm is very effective, every time!

No I refused his obvious come-on, despite being strangely interested by the idea of a human baseplate...
And you thought it was your chick playing footsie under the table...... :lol:
Hope you were the giver and not the taker?

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