The Pegasus - The End

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. The Peggy again

  2. A museum

  3. The new Tony's chip emporium

  4. Flats for Immigrants (most likely!)


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  1. At long last (even though it's been shut for a while), The Peggy is up for grabs and likely to become more flats, a bit cheeky calling it a hole though!
    So this weekend I shall be digging out my vomit/pish/blood stained DB's, pulling on my battered 501's and donning my ripped maroon sweatshirt and staging a one man protest outside for at least 2 mins before I go to the Traf. By the way, I normally wear those clothes so it's nothing special!"
    It had to happen, the writing was on the wall when the bloody Albanians turned it into Bar Europa. Still a pity though as many a good sesh was had in there by blokes over many a year, quite a few no longer with us.
    Ah well, things change and another bit of Aldershots history goes.
  2. 501's Jack? What are you a mincing metrosexual. I thought drainpipe wranglers were de rigeur with dessie wellies.

    Edited to add: I voted for Tony's as the only time I went into the Peggy I got a serious shoeing.
  3. They were for the poorer type of Airborne Soldier who used to shiit himself on a nightly basis.