The Pegasus Diaries By Maj John Howard & Penny Bates

I'm auctioning my copy of The Pegasus Diaries which is signed by:

Penny Howard-Bates (daughter of Maj J Howard Oc D coy 2nd Ox &Bucks)

Sgt Tich Rainer Number 4 glider Coup De Main

Johnny Johnson A coy 2nd Ox & Bucks.

All procceds of this auction will go to Help for Heroes.

Please note this auction will close Saturday 13/06/09 at 12:00.
I've just got back from being away with the family I'll post some pictures as soon as i can work out how to use this new camera I've bought....

Who ever wins the auction if you could pay the money direct to H4H,and email me a copy of the reciept then I'll send the item out.There is no P & P on this item.

Edited due to mongness.
Well Done Bill172 you have won the book for £45.

PM me with your details and once you've sent me a link or copy of payment to H4H I'll send the item out.


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