The Peace Dividend

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hup-two-three, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. Who thinks this is the provos way of getting around the fact that they need to decommision thier weapons (just buy more :) )

    agent smith
  2. hopefully its their retirment fund Ihere columbias a nice place to hide out :lol:
  3. We assuming it was the republicans and not loyalists?
  4. A dividen that will pay for a few pieces.
  5. Phew! Just logged on - thought everyone had missed this one.

    But it wasn't the Provos - it was those Disidant thingies - that make is OK then.

    Rumour in Belfast is that "After an club fundraiser David Beckum will be moving to Donegal Celtic when the transfer window opens in January"
  6. And there's more...

    New TV show in Columbia, "I'm a Provo get me out of here"
  7. Let's just hope that the vast majority of the notes were 'Ulster funny money'. They won't have a chance of spending it anywhere outside of the Province. :D
  8. Oracal... Yes the vast amjority was "Ulster funny money" as you put it but it was still STERLING and legal tender in the UK of GB and NI!
  9. You ever tried spending outside of the Province (especially with taxi drivers). No? Didn't think you had.
  10. very true.
    i had a few of them when i was last in NI, they did look like funny money and i Know it wouldn't be accepted in mainland UK, in even scottish notes is refused :lol: bit of an own goal if you ask me
    this will make good material for "irish jokes"
    why did the irish rob the bank? cos he needed some paper to light his cooker with !
  11. the answer is the obvious one - it was a successful robbery theefore it has got to be rebublicans diss or otherwise. the expression " a prot job" used to be the polite way of saying a foul-up :lol:
  12. latest news is that it was a gang of about 20, and that there is only about £8M in NI notes, rest is in used folding from UK and euros
  13. Personally I find no problem these days using Scottish notes south of the border: True, I have an honest face. :wink: It was more difficult 20 years ago. From time to time there are outraged letters to the Scottish papers from folk who had difficulty using their banknotes in England; the same kind of people who regularly write in claiming that the National Anthem has an anti-Scottish verse (don't ask!) or that Culloden was a Scotland v England fixture. Not to mention that wumman from Berwickshire who wrote to the Scotsman (twice) suggesting that English regiments be amalgamated instead of Scottish ones! Sorry, back to vague relevance to thread... Oh yes, and that guy who regularly sends bast@rdised letters to the Scotsman composed entirely from a Scottish dialect dictionary.... sorry again :roll: Notes issued by the clearing banks are (normally!) perfectly valid and bankable, but unlike so-called "Bank of England" notes they are not actually legal tender in the legal sense of the payee having to accept them.
  14. Now see yer man Hackle......... :D