The PC Toilets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Andy_Caps_Commando, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. If student unions could get any more PC, this takes the urine..........

    Toilets signs

    Whilst watching North West Tonight, the interview with the welfare officer was unbelievable, she totally contradicted herself and interviews with some students, couldn't believe that PC could be this mad. 8O
  2. The best since my old Union Society ever so nearly decided to name their cafeteria after Bobby Sands. We already had a Nelson Mandela Travel Bureau so irony wasn't one of their stronger suits
  3. Taking the piss surely.
  4. They clearly haven't got anything better to do! fecking students.............
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Toilets for Males.
    Toilets for Females.
    Toilets for Males who dress as females.
    Toilets for females who dress as males.
    Toilets for males who used to be females.
    Toilets for females who used to be males.
    Toilets for those who aren't quite sure what they are.
    Toilets for those who aren't sure about the ones who aren't sure what they are.
    Toilets for the left handed.
    Toilets for whichever hand your religion tells you to wipe your arse with.
    Toilets for the French.
    Toilets for anyone who has been offended by something today.

    And a cattle bolt to the head for the lunatics coming up with all this shite.
  6. Colour me unsurprised.

  7. Man the outrage bus!
  8. .....a weekly ticket please. :p
  9. "The toilets are outside a club in the basement of the Steve Biko student union building, on Oxford Road."

    I didnt know Steve Biko went to Manchester Uni?
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    fcuk em. Give them two sets of toilets and make them unisex, lets see how quickly the girls get hacked off with the bogs stinking like week old cat litter when the "male" (can I say that, not wanting to asign my personal gender stereotyping on anyone and all that) students piss all over the floors.
  11. You forgot toilets for ginger people.
  12. They use toilets?
  13. make them the toilets
  14. Lets just have a hole in the middle of a room and be done with it... Or is that the point?
  15. Don't laugh. I used to work in a place with a resident transvestite.

    Balding but otherwise hairy, this guy used to turn up for work looking like Lilly Savage. He made the two 'laydeees' off Little Britain look feminine.

    He wasn't pre-op or anything. In fact, he was married with children. He just liked turning up for work dressed like a prostitute. Split-to-the-waist dresses revealing the absence of knickers under his fishnets were a favourite.

    Getting him in and, especially, out of the toilet was a major operation. Initially, being 'one of the girls', he used the ladies. Unease turned to alarm when he started hanging around in there and trying a bit of 'girl talk' about periods, cervical smears and satisfying men in bed.

    The women in the office threatened legal action and he was banished to the gents. There, certain of his irresistable charms, he adopted the persona of the office slapper, available for a quickie in one of the stalls with anybody unfortunate enough to be caught alone with him in the bog.

    Who among us would argue that he, of all people, should have a toilet dedicated to his particular 'gender'.