The PC loons strike again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Aunty Stella, Jun 29, 2004.

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  1. It won't be long before its US thats the ethnic minority in this country
  2. We already are!

    I thought nursery education was a right in this country many moons ago.

    Just goes to show that Bliar really does believe in education, education education just for certain people.

    Little Miss Fish-Head will be fine, she will speak Jockenese just hope the garden doesn't prove too much of a handicap!

    Someone once said the only way to use public services is to have enough money to by-pass it. Anyone want a kidney?
  3. Are we not treated as such allready.

    Hetrosexual white male with a decent income - i'm fcuked !
  4. and they wonder why people vote bnp ? all for helping refugees but not at exspense of resdients this is simply madness
  5. I am the greatest advocate for banning PC in all its forms and this strengthens my resolve even more.

    As said previously, the BNP and its like will grow due to idiotic ideas like this being forced upon us by quangos of Liberal Left wing idiots.

    Regime change begins at home as PTP says, lets get rids of the Jackasses! :evil:
  6. So even if there isn't space at that nursery surely the council will be providing money for the sprog to attend another nursery, from the private sector if necessary - I didn't think so.

    I'm all for equality, where it is equal for all. I'm fed up of patients who have lived in this country for years not being able to hold a basic conversation with me, and then being told we haven't got enough money to provide a translator - we shouldn't need them except for a few holidaying and recently off the boat but making an attempt to learn immigrants.

    Its just a shame BNP didn't put up a candidate in my area.

    Where are my civil rights as a white, middle class, employed, law abiding subject of the crown. Just because I work hard to get a reasonable house I'll be disadvantaged.

    Sod it I'm saying my kids (if and when I get some) speak elvish, and I'll put a basha up in the garden and claim the whole garden as a Training area and so not a garden. For added effect I'll put up red flags and shoot any "diversity officers" who come to visit.
  7. Not even close too true, which in essence makes this case worse - the majority discriminated against; stupidity.
  8. seem to like picking holes in my comments....yet you have not used anyone lese similar comments as an example.

    Lets have it out RIGHT NOW, cos quite frankly you are becoming a bit of an anally retentive bore.
  9. I pick holes in any comments which are entirely untrue i.e 'we' will soon become the ethnic minority, if you will post comments such as that expect people to pick holes in them, and as yours was the first i saw when scrolling down - yours was the one i picked.

    Dont like it? Dont post.
  10. well excuse me! Aren't you a bit of a prick for a moderator?

    I seem to recall the majority agreeing entirely with what I posted....yet you chose mine to pick holes you have a problem with women MC...did your mummy not love you enough or something.

    Going around posting things which amount to little more content than 'MB your post is Stoopid' is a bit **** fella don't you think?
  11. :lol: watch it, she'll use her handbag :lol:

    Whats your problem love, dont like fact getting in the way of your fiction? :lol:
  12. yeah i will, but its got a brick in it! :wink:
  13. Is that your professional opinion?

    As the ring leader you profess to be, yours was the one which required a little fact injecting into it.

    I thought you were a bloke?

    Going round correcting the meaning of your post is **** yes, not telling you your stupid.
  14. oh please! I didnt profess my post to be was a personal opinion...sorry if I dont have the time or inclination to find out it we are indeed a minority in our own country! Fcuks fcukin sad are you?

    Now do me a favour and fcuk off cos you are boring me plod