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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jimbojetset, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Who exactly is this PC Brigade and what have they done?
    On this site from time to time, no matter what the discussion people will blame the PC Brigade for destroying the country.
    What examples do you have of this? Not the general ones, what specific ones have you personally encountered that annoy you etc?

    My personal one was I suggested we do some "brain storming" on a course and I was told that "cloud bursting" was more PC as it wasn't offensive to people with epilepsy. I responded by saying that cloud bursting was the name of a tribe killed off by the British in Canada and as a Canadian, I was mortified that they would use this as an example. Queue stunned silence. Load of crap of course, but was entertaining.
    BTW, the national centre for epilepsy have "brain storming" sessions.
  2. Do you wan't specific names of people, you jimbo and frenchperson and many others I could name for a start.

    I don't mean that in an offensive way to you, but it's a certain mindset, one that seems to be very predictable.

    When someones having a good old rant, often justified, the usual suspects pop up to tell us how wrong it is, the same self apointed gaurdians of morality pop up again and again, and their views are pretty predictable.

    Like the way you can almost gaurantee that a contraversial subject such as immigration and the Islamic religion will throw up an accusation of racism by the usual suspects on here. 99% without a persons race being mentioned.

    Me my views often differ from day to day, I will happily admit I have prejudices, but that doesn't mean my opinions are set in stone , I dislike the muslim religion, but have had muslim friends(and now a relative), I dislike the whole gay thing but again have had mates who are gay.

    This is what the PC brigade don't see, that tolerating something doesn't mean you have to like it, and if you take the piss out of someone it doesn't automatically mean you hate them, and that you can dislike something about someone and still like the person in spite of it.
  3. I agree that contraversial subjects will get heated and I also agree that people will often express a view which is changeable. However, when those subjects come up, you also get some quite right wing (and I don't mean right wing like Tory party, I'm talking more towards the National Socialist Party). That makes the discussion more volatile immediately.
    You have a PM
  4. Hi Jimbo,

    There exists rather a substantial worldwide backlash at this form of cultural Marxism which seeks to alter behaviour by altering thought. There are even Doctoral thesis' knocking about on the web and in the UK, Think-tanks such as CIVITAS have actually published some serious studies of it which are well worth reading. One of it's publications (and there are a few of them in similar vein): The Retreat of Reason is excellent. When the first edition was published, the pro-PC Brigade were incandescent with anger at it and tried to have it withdrawn. I remember that when the author was interviewed on the 'Today' programme following it's release, he was rudely shouted down and not allowed to finish his argument or present his case. That, to me at least, indicates that the author makes a serious and valid point. It was possible to read the entirety of the book on the internet but it was subsequently withrawn.

    Compared to some countries such as the USA, our brand of PC although more subtle and restrained, is nevertheless just as irritating to the point of distraction. Two UK sites may be of interest to those who loathe PC. The first is the Campaign Against Political Correctness, and the other, which broadens slightly into the more absurd regulatory and beauracratic 'Alice in Wonderland World inhabited by the state is 'Nanny knows best' both sites have been up and running for some time and which are, in places quite amusing in some of the more serious points they make.

    All he best

    (Edited to add and repair hyperlinks)
  5. Somebody has been rapped on the knuckles for saying they were feeling unsure about one of the gang who was involved in the London attacks because he was Muslim and behaving strangely. Another group has said that they dont think its fair that a muslim had been stopped and asked questions about where he was going and was searched as its against his civil rights. They didnt question the fact that 100's of other people from other backgrounds were also questioned or that the the muslim lad was released and let on his way in the same way the others were.
    I feel sorry for all those British muslims out there who are wanting to live decent lives but you have also got to face the fact that some Muslims dont give a fcuk about who they kill, even other Muslims. You cant class it as racist for being more specific of whom the police search if the known terrorists are from a certain background.
    This is not meant to sound as racist sh*t and I would never agree with BNP but you have to be sensible some times rather than PC.
  6. spilt my bloody beer when i read that :)
  7. Seems to me that the creepeing threat of political correctness, comes in the shift of balance.

    we used to take the opinion that the important factor was intent - that if you said something that offended someone intentionally, deliberately or with malice then it was unacceptable - thats civility and courtesy.

    Thats now shifted to the belief that you should avoid saying anything which could possibly or unintentionally cause offence to someone, regardless of intent - thats PC.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Politically Correct thinking goes along what, outwardly, appear to be recurring themes indeed.

    1. We must all love one another.
    2. All fighting, aggression or competition is wrong.
    3. Everybody is equal, no matter what.
    4. It is wrong to think thoughts that disagree with these statements.
    5. All Gobment propaganda is to be followed to the letter on the proviso that it is completely left wing.
    6. It is unnacceptable to think bad thoughts about anyone, including noting any differences of creed, colour, background, mental capacity, tribe, history or dialect.
    7. Everyone, no matter their input or lack of input to society is as valid as those that input the most.
    8. Those that treat the system with contempt and break the rules are victims.
    9. Those that are victims of those that have only contempt for the system and society are criminals to be watched and re-educated.
    10. Self defence means you are guilty of aggression and a total lack of understanding.
    11. All history is something to be treated as totally wrong as all history is that of oppression.
    12. Any history that follows the guidelines above, but has been proven to be an abject failure, ceases to be history and must be written out, or blamed on those that do not follow this creed.
    13. All history must be re-written, or edited to stop young minds finding out about humanity and how people REALLY work.
    14. All crime and wrongness can be stopped by re-education and re-programming.
    15. Thought crime is as valid as any other crime and therefore punishable by 'Positive Action' or other handy expressions.

    The long term aims of the brain-damaged, criminally insane, homosexual, sociopathic, ethnically challenged deviants who follow this creed is to create a global gobment, where they are the 'classless' class who rule all earth with equality and the reasoning of their truth. Without making this lunacy work, mankind can not be governed at a global level. Without their pointless drivel working, humankind is ungovernable.

    How do you control 6+ billion human beings? You take the fight and independence of thought out of them and then run them like sheep, whilst you sit in your ivory castles, built on foundations of self-righteous bullsh!t, with armies of 'Social Inspectors' to control every aspect of society from the ground up; a bit like the Stasi, but with more kit.
  9. Thanks for the links, Iolis! Interesting, entertaining, (and in the case of the CAPC's most egregious examples of PCness), quite funny.
  10. 16. 2 + 2 = 5
  11. PC-ness stems from an overwhelming desire by the PC Brigade that we should all be equal at everything. This of course is a socialist theme and stems from what my old Grand-dads (both Scots, one a miner and the other a time-served moulder in an iron foundry) would call "fcuking Milngavie Socialists".

    This term meant that the "Socialists" in question were intellectual w@nkers who had never done a day's manual labour in their lives but were still able to tell "the workers" how they should think, act and be organised! Jock 1 and Jock 2 despised these people more than any landed Gentry.

    These same types (Islington Socialists anyone?) are now busy apologising for anything Britain has done since the Jurassic Age because they feel that we were very beastly to everyone, particularly during Empire. We may have been beastly but others have done much worse things and in any event its history. They are filled with an overwhelming self-righteousness and are secure in the knowledge that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

    They are also busy telling us what is right and in an Orwellian twist, modifying our language to make us feel bad about saying something THEY don’t consider appropriate (that is also one of their words). Par example, in the Care business Adults with Learning Difficulties were called Customers; now they are Service Users. Customers was better as it described exactly what was happening i.e. goods (in this case a requisite standard of Care) were provided to an individual as per an agreed contract. Monitoring of said contract is and was carried out by third and fourth parties as well as by External Audit. Nothing has changed - just the word.

    The PC Brigade are also the very first to rush in and provide us with a collective conscience as soon as something happens e.g. if you rant at Muslim bombers you are a racist. You are not; you may be demonstrating religious intolerance but that isn’t racism.

    I could go on and on but there is steam coming out of my ears and my p1ss is starting to boil; I loathe the fcukers (Muslim bombers and the PC Brigade :twisted: )
  12. Subject close to my heart this. And to quote a colleague of mine, I don't care what you call them, just stop treating them like shit!
  13. Heard a quote that should sum it up the PC Brigade:

    "No matter what evidence there is to the contrary, there are people who will continue to try to convince you that a goat is merely a sheep from a broken home."

    A goat is a goat, you tw@t.
  14. Isn't a Socialist just a Communist with a wife and kids ??
  15. Correct. However the appropriate use of words is a form of clever censorship. For instance, muslim bombers are muslim bombers; they are happy to be known as muslims, you know they are muslims, I know they are, the entire world knows they are because they admit it and broadcast it on the Internet and TV. Calling them something else doesn't detract from the fact of who they are and what they stand for!

    Similarly, the PC Brigade insist on pushing nonsense which foreigners think is mad. My girlfriend is muslim (not of the head to toe in a black gash bag variety) and she wonders why we allow radical nutters to broadcast the sh1t they do. She also happens to think UK is barking mad for allowing people in and give them give them benefits, housing and medical care. If we disagree with this we are branded as fascist, racist thugs.

    However it is the same PC tw@ts who allow Neu Liabour to pass laws which can see you with a criminal record for calling a rozzers horse gay, ban disagreements with the PM and allowing the Police to throw you in jail for a long period of time for unspecified "terrorism "charges.

    I had a friend in the Paras who surmised that since the end of WW 2 the lefties had a long term plan to undermine the UK. It started with undermining the "Establishment" i.e. the Civil Service, the BBC, then the Judiciary, the Police and Prison Service and finally HM Forces. I used to PMSL at him - now I'm not so sure.

    For your edification: